As a parent educated outside of the U.S., are you feeling overwhelmed?

UCEazy offers proprietary programs that match you and your student’s unique needs in navigating U.S. high schools and college admissions.

UCEazy simplifies the high school journey and college admissions process.

Our college admissions counselors work with 8th-12th grade students, plus offer a college transfer program.

Capitalize on our admissions counseling expertise to help your student reach the college of their dreams.

The Safe Choice


1st Virtual Academy

Created first virtual
college admissions academy in the United States.


Top Admissions

98% of our students
are admitted to the top 10% of nationally ranked colleges.


Nationwide Support

UCEazy supports
students from more than 26 states across the country.


One-on-One Care

Our 75+ experts on staff provide one-on-one guidance for your child.

Choose your student’s journey.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.