May Timely Tips

May Timely Tips

Summer is here! Despite another crazy year, students can look ahead to a semi-normal school year ahead for next year. Learn how students can continue to grow both academically and personally this summer to prepare for (hopefully) in-person instruction for next school year.

8th Graders

  • Start preparing for 9th grade by thinking about interesting extracurricular activities.
  • Think outside of the box and make things happen virtually if many in-person opportunities are not available.
  • Create a plan to improve on subjects that you think will be challenging next year.

9th Graders

  • Be proactive during this time rather than taking the back seat.
  • Stay involved in activities that you were in throughout the school year.
  • Review courses that you struggled in last year and take an online class that interests you.

10th Graders

  • Be as active as you can in person or virtually, and start planning future service projects if you are not able to participate.
  • Even with continued changes, plan for the SAT, ACT and any difficult classes that you will be taking junior year through virtual resources such as Khan Academy.
  • Start thinking of college-related opportunities to include in your college essays and supplements.

11th Graders

  • Determine a number of specific colleges that are important to you.
  • Consider who to ask for letters of recommendation to help your application.
  • Start thinking of ideas for your personal essay.
  • To help with your college essay, take advantage of virtual research opportunities, online college programs and other experiences to include.

12th Graders

  • Finalize your college plans.
  • Complete any documents that you owe to the college you are attending next year, such as planning orientation.
  • Begin planning for your upcoming summer and/or fall classes.
  • Look up ways to be involved next year as a freshman.
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