2019 College Admissions Insights

Working as a college admissions counselor, I have the opportunity to help students as they adventure on the college admissions roller coaster ride. During the ride, most students I work with experience ups, downs and unexpected twists as they journey towards post-high school life.
Recently (a few moments before writing this blog), I received notification from a UCEazy student that she has been accepted into her number one school choice after coming off of their waitlist. This is what I and many other counselors live to hear as we help students navigate their paths to post-high school lives.
Most high school 2019 graduates are coming to the end or at the end of the college admissions ride, and college counselors like myself have learned many things from their experiences. One of the things I learned this year, colleges like the University of California system continue to be more competitive than the previous year. UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis waitlisted students with a 4.0 GPA, and UCLA and Berkeley flat-out denied many students. I learned that Stanford is going to stop publishing their acceptance rate which is hovering so close to 3%, and more schools (University of Denver, University of San Francisco) are going test-optional, adding to the growing number of schools.
As this year’s seniors get ready for their next adventure better known as college, they carry with them the experience of a lifetime. Having worked hard for four years to earn acceptance into college, having spent hours preparing for standardized testing, writing essays and visiting campuses, they now can say they have reached their first educational goal. Their second one awaits, the undergraduate degree.
And for those reading this who are still struggling with the words “waitlist,” and “test-optional,” and wondering what essays or standardized-tests are all about, maybe it is time to think about working with a college admissions counselor.
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