Why UCEazy is Different From Other Providers of College Admissions Guidance

Every year, the college admissions process in the U.S. becomes more challenging and more complicated. For students who have foreign-born parents, the challenges are even more difficult. This is because these parents did not experience the U.S. college admissions journey.
At UCEazy, our mission is to simplify the college admissions process for these students and their parents.
UCEazy is different than independent college counselors, and we stand apart from other college admissions counseling companies. Here is why should you choose UCEazy to help your child with the college admissions process.
Based on the information above, UCEazy is the best choice for college admissions guidance for students with foreign-born parents. Our customer reviews and both regional and national media coverage further show our impact on families across the U.S.
UCEazy’s experts (counselors) provide one-on-one guidance with the following objectives:
  • Prepare students on how to navigate through high school.
  • Guide students in 8th-10th grades on how to become multi-dimensional through our proprietary program.
  • Help students in 11th-12th grades secure admissions into the college of their dreams.
Along with one-on-one guidance from our experts, UCEazy provides other services such as:
  • College Essay Writing Program
  • Educational Seminars and Webinars
  • Parental Education and Support
For more information or to register for a free consultation, please contact us at info@uceazy.com or 1-833-982-3299.