What does a college admissions counselor do?

In this video, UCEazy counselor Shari Schussel shares the important role that a college admissions counselor plays in a student’s journey to his/her dream college.

1. College admissions counselors help improve student’s competitiveness. Students have a short amount of time to leave a lasting impression in their applications. Counselors guide students on how to put their best foot forward, and they help students present themselves in the best way possible. UCEazy counselors have decades of industry experience (some have worked in admissions) and know what admissions officers look for in an application. They also know the common pitfalls and overused content in an application, so students can avoid mistakes and make their applications unique.
2. College admissions counselors help students stay on track. High school students face intense pressure at school and at home. From managing extracurricular activities to fulfilling family commitments, while maintaining a high GPA and studying for the SATs, it is easy for students to waste their time and energy on things that will not enhance their applications. College admissions counselors help students focus on the important things that will impact students’ chances of getting in.
3. College admissions counselors help alleviate stress and anxiety during this emotion-filled process by acting as a third party and mediator between students and their parents. Sometimes, a student will do the exact opposite of what the parent(s) would like them to do.
If you need help with the high school experience and/or the college admissions process, contact UCEazy at info@uceazy.com for a free consultation.