Benefits of Working with UCEazy During Early High School Years

“The early bird gets the worm.”

You’ve likely heard this saying and have probably even said it a time or two. This is especially true for the college admissions process.
In the “old days,” you would only need to think about applying to colleges during the first semester of senior year. However, that has dramatically changed since it has become much more competitive for students to be accepted into the college of their dreams.
College admissions has two main components. The main goal is to complete the application process in 12th grade. However, to reach that destination, students must first become competitive from a college admissions perspective throughout their 8th through 11th grades.
In order for students to stand out from the competition when applying to colleges in the U.S., students need to take advantage of their early high school years. This preparation should begin as early as 8th grade, and parents should play a significant role in this process. By the time a student reaches their senior year, they have developed their competitive credentials in preparation for the college application process.

UCEazy experts can help with the following:

  • Determining which coursework to register for each school year
  • Deciding which extracurricular activities to participate in
  • Developing skills beyond academics
  • Taking advantage of summer break
  • Choosing which standardized test (SAT, ACT, etc.) to take and when
  • Exploring college majors based on career desire
If these decisions are not made in the early years of high school, the college application process can become frustrating and stressful for the entire family, not only the student.
UCEazy welcomes students and parents seeking assistance with the college application process in 12th grade. However, we can make the biggest difference for families that work with us during grades 8th through 11th.
Constructing a great, long-lasting building begins with a proper foundation. This philosophy applies to most things in life, including the college admissions process.
Here’s a 60-second video that describes our philosophy:
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