Summer is here! For many, summer is a time in between academic semesters, but for some, it’s a time to plan strategically and maximize chances at getting into your top college! One of the ways you can maximize your summer months is to explore ‘extracurricular activities’, a buzz word that is important in college admissions. This is because top colleges see thousands of applicants with excellent test scores and top G.P.A’s, but the one thing that might make them stand out is their extracurricular activities outside of school. This gives the admissions officer a picture of who the student is, the person they want to become, and their unique contributions to the incoming school class. Admissions officers want to make sure that their class is filled with dynamic, hard-working and passionate students, who not only excel in school and earn high grades, but can show dedication and commitment to something-that something can often be an extracurricular activity. In addition, not every student will be a great match for a top ranked college based on these activities, so its important to talk to an expert who understands how your interests can align with your overall application to make you shine in front of an admissions officer. The overall story of your application needs to make sense and flow together, and so do these activities. You want to make sure your activities show your passion, rather than just partaking them for accolades or awards. Admissions officers are experts in making quick judgments in whether or not a student would be a great fit for their school in a matter of minutes. So, it is important to get an expert opinion about these activities and how they will play a role in your overall college application before spending a lot of time and resources on them.

Here is a great video by one of our counselors, Shari S. on this topic. If you want to make your summer months count and have questions about how to best use your time, email us at today.

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