Is the 8th Grade Too Early to Start College Admissions Counseling?

Recently, we posted a short video by Kelley Strong, one of our UCEazy counselors. This video is an expert’s opinion about why students in the 8th grade should start college admissions counseling. Below are three reasons why you should start counseling in the 8th grade. To watch the video, click here: 

1. College admissions counselors help with developing an extracurricular strategy. One of the top reasons why academically gifted students are rejected from colleges is because they lack an extracurricular plan. Therefore, this strategy must be well-thought-out early on.

2. College admissions counselors will help with course selection for the 9th and 10th grades. This is so important because students must find that right balance between getting good grades and taking challenging courses.

3. College admissions counselors help with summer planning. Summer is a great time for students to address credit deficiencies and build additional credentials. By starting early and working with a college counselor, students will be able to have a strong academic and extracurricular foundation for college admissions. Don’t hesitate: contact us today at: for a free consultation.

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