UCEazy Programs for 9th Graders

Parents of 9th grade students can invest in one of the following options:

Comprehensive Program or One-on-One Guidance

Comprehensive Program

Recommended Best Value

This is the best option for families that aspire to top ranked colleges. This program runs through 5/1/23 (National College Decision Day).
It combines our multi-dimensional student program (grades 9-10) and college admissions program (grades 11-12). It includes one-on-one counseling and three other elements per the four quadrants below. It is based on a monthly subscription.

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We offer guidance with making key decisions like coursework selection, extracurricular activities, summer planning, stress assessment, testing strategy and understanding best career options. Click here to learn more.
One-on-One Guidance
This improves a student’s ability to write with his/her unique voice. Click here to learn more.
Essay Writing Program
This is for parents and students and is based on topics related to the high school journey, study skills, the discovery of passions, career options, emotional well-being, soft skills, public versus private high school decision and more. Click here to view our upcoming schedule.

Educational Webinars
We provide parents a platform to seek ideas/solutions from other parents, in order to help their child be successful in high school and become more competitive in the college admissions process. Click here to view our upcoming schedule.
Parent Support Group

One-on-One Guidance

This option is for families who only want one-on-one counseling and not the other elements of our 4-part program.

There are two options:

  • Package for 9-12 grades
  • Block of hours

Package for 9-12 grades

This package is for families who need help with the entire college admissions process through 5/1/23 (National College Decision Day).
This package is based on a monthly subscription. For enrollment in May 2020, the monthly subscription fee would be locked at $299/month for duration of the package.

Activities Included in the Package

  • Extracurricular Strategy
  • Testing Strategy
  • Summer Planning
  • Coursework Selection
  • Values and Interest Assessment
  • Stress Assessment
  • Recommendation Letters Strategy
  • Planning for Application Process
  • Resume Preparation
  • Creation of College List
  • Selection of Major
  • Essays Brainstorming, Topic Selection and Review
  • Application Review
  • Campus Visits Strategy
  • Waitlist Strategy
  • Interview Coaching
  • Strategy for Financial Aid
  • Final College Selection

Block of Hours

Fee $2,490 per block of 15 hours

This option is for families who are budget conscious or do not require comprehensive help. In this option, you can invest in a block of fifteen (15) hours of a counselor's time. During these fifteen hours, the counselor will focus on your family’s priorities. Block of hours can be used through 05/01/21.

Stress-Free Decision Making

Invest in one hour of our counselor's time.

For either of the options for one-on-one counseling, you can start by investing in just one hour of our counselor’s time. This one hour will be adjusted if you upgrade to the block of hours within two weeks.
*Program fees are based on comprehensive package or blocks of hours. Meetings are administered via video-conference. Fees are subject to change without notice.
For more information or to enroll call
1 - 833 - 9UCEAZY
or email info@uceazy.com