About Us old – College Admissions Made Eazy

Our Vision: UCEazy is acronym for “University and College Admissions Made Easy”. Our vision is to de-mystify the college admissions process for families everywhere by providing access to top-quality and easy-to-access resources and experts. We hope to support all families through a combination of free and paid solutions.

Our Story: Co-Founders, Vinnie Gupta and Vaitheesh Kolady (VK) are first-generation immigrants living in Cupertino. Both of them have enjoyed successful careers in the information technology industry in Silicon Valley. They both believe their college education is integral to the professional success they have achieved in their adopted country. As parents, they found the college application process for their children confusing and just plain overwhelming. From reporting AP/SAT scores to selecting target colleges out of thousands of schools, Vinnie and VK didn’t know how to help their children succeed in getting into their dream schools. Vinnie and VK created UCEazy, as a high-tech solution to ease the college admissions process for confused parents and ambitious high school students. (Watch Our Story)


What Problem Are We Addressing: The process for admissions to U.S. colleges is very complex. Additionally, the process has become very competitive even for public colleges. Unfortunately, our budget-constrained public schools are unable to provide personalized help that families need. As a result, most families deal with huge anxiety with the college admissions process. Worse, students end up short-selling themselves. Listen to our radio Interviews

Our Solutions: Our solutions are designed for all US colleges, not just UC (University of California). We hope to support all families through a combination of free and paid solutions listed below.

1. UCEazy Union
The Union is an online network of college admissions experts that provide consultation over online video. These experts go through a rigorous interview process before they are listed on The Union. We offer different consulting services in the Union depending on what grade you are in and what phase of the college application process you are in.

2. UCEazy Toolbox
The Toolbox is a family of free web applications, created by UCEazy and our partners, to give simple advice and guidance during the college application process. Tools include “Organizer” which helps you keep track of key dates in the college application process.

3. UCEazy Webinars
We organize weekly webinars on different aspects of the college admissions process. Our world-class college admissions experts host these webinars. Topics include Financial Aid, Essays, College List , and Campus Visits etc. Webinar recordings are available for off-line viewing.

How To Contact Us: We are always here to answer your questions. Best way to contact us is to email info@uceazy.com. Typically, we will respond within one business day.