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Our Mission:

UCEazy's mission is to simplify the college admissions process for students whose parents were born outside the U.S. We provide easy access to top-quality admissions experts and resources, while laying the foundation for the multi-dimensional student all the way through college admissions.

Our Story:

UCEazy Co-Founders Vinnie Gupta and Vaitheesh Kolady (VK) are first-generation immigrants living in Cupertino, CA. After successful careers in Silicon Valley, they wanted to change the landscape of college admissions guidance for students whose parents were born outside the U.S.
As parents, Vinnie and VK found the college admission process for their own children to be confusing and overwhelming. From preparing a college list to writing college application essays, they struggled to help their children get into the college of their dreams.

Based on these experiences, the framework of UCEazy was born. At the beginning, UCEazy’s sole focus was to help in navigating the college admissions process. One-on-one counseling was done via video conference. Also, educational seminars and webinars were offered.
In 2018, UCEazy rolled out the Multi-Dimensional Student Program for students in grades 8-10. The goal of this program is to help students differentiate themselves in colleges admissions by becoming multi-dimensional instead of just focusing on academics.

Leadership Team

Vinnie Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO

First generation immigrant. Passionate about creating a level playing field for children from immigrant families.

Vaitheesh Kolady
Co-Founder and COO

First generation immigrant. Seasoned software development executive, Strong believer in giving back to the community.

Dennis Yen

Former admissions officer at Purdue and UC Berkeley. Purdue and USC graduate.
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Amy Parrish

25+ years in marketing, former journalist from NBC News. Bachelor of Journalism from University of Georgia.

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David Campos
Director of Programs and Solutions

Stanford Graduate with more than ten years experience in college admissions. Strong believer in developing a multi-dimensional student for success in college admissions and career.

Karen Rowe
Director of College Admissions Program

Almost two decades of college admissions counseling experience. Nationally recognized presenter on college planning. External application reader for the University of California.

Ruchi Saran
Director of Community Education

Passionate about children and community service. First generation immigrant parent with one son in UC Berkeley and the other headed there in Fall 2019.

Christian Parrish
Director of Web Marketing

Extensive experience in marketing and public relations. Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from University of Georgia.

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Harishankar Rangaraj
Director of IT and Operations

Passionate about creating a joyous experience for UCEazy customers.

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Advisory Council

Dr. Emily G Goldman
College Admissions Expert

Instructor at UC Irvine’s College Counseling program. Ph.D. (NYU). M.A.( Columbia). B.A. (Duke).

Shari Schussel
College Admissions Expert

Twelve years experience as a high school guidance counselor. External reader of applications at UC Berkeley.

Stacey Ho
College Admissions Expert

Thirteen years experience as a guidance counselor at both public and private high schools. M.A. (University of Maryland), B.A.(UCLA).

Tim Ravey
Director, College Admissions

Admissions/Recruitment Specialist at UC Berkeley.  Reviewed thousands of applications and essays.

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