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For First and Second Generation Immigrant Families

Our Mission:

UCEazy’s mission is to simplify the college admissions process for first generation immigrant families by providing easy access to top-quality admissions experts and resources. We are a social business. We wouldn’t be UCEazy without the student communities we aim to serve. That’s why we offer several free solutions to help low-income families through UCEazy Philanthropy: an initiative through which we offer free college admissions coaching (counseling) and mentoring to students.

Our Story:

The UCEazy Co-Founders, Vinnie Gupta and Vaitheesh Kolady (VK), are first-generation immigrants living in Cupertino, CA. After their Silicon Valley careers in information technology (IT), they decided to change the landscape of college admissions counseling. Vinnie and VK believe their college education was imperative to their professional success in the U.S. As parents, however, they found the college application process for their children confusing and overwhelming. From reporting AP/SAT scores to selecting target colleges, Vinnie and VK didn’t know how to help their children get into their dream colleges. They created UCEazy to ease the college admissions process for confused parents and ambitious high school students.

The Problem:

The process for admissions to US colleges and universities has become highly competitive and complex. Most students are excluded from rich resources, or even the bare minimum of college admissions advice. Unfortunately, first-generation immigrant students do not have access to resources from either parents or counselors. Why?

  1. The parents are unable to help because they did not attend either high school or college in the US.
  2. Most public high schools cannot offer personalized help with college admissions.
  3. In your average public high school, the student to counselor ratio in CA is 945:1.

As a result, most families face a massive barrier from the college admissions process and students end up missing prime opportunities or selling themselves short.

Our Solutions:

Our solutions are designed for all US colleges, not just UC (University of California).We hope to support all families through a simple combination of free and paid solutions listed below.

  • UCEazy Union - The Union is our team of high quality college admissions experts and counselors. They can provide one-on- one consultation over online video (Zoom/Skype) or in person. These consulting services and packages vary based upon the student’s age and specific needs. You can expect only the best counselors from UCEazy. Our experts go through a rigorous and intense interview process before they are accepted and listed on The Union.
  • UCEazy Seminars - Our college admissions experts host seminars, webinars, and workshops to educate families on college admissions. Topics include Financial Aid, Essays, College Lists, etc. Webinar recordings are available for offline viewing at our Youtube Channel.
  • UCEazy Philanthropy - The goal of our giving initiative is to level the playing field and provide strong, high-quality college admissions resources to students from low-income immigrant families. We provide free college admissions counseling (coaching) and mentoring to deserving students. Philanthropy students are selected through our partnerships with foundations and community organizations.
  • UCEazy Toolbox - The Toolbox is a family of free web applications, created by UCEazy and our amazing educational partners, to give simple advice and guidance during the college application process. Tools include “Organizer” which help you keep track of key dates and deadlines in the college application process.

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