April 8th #askfriday

You were just accepted into your first-choice college, but once you received your financial aid package, you are suddenly unsure about how your family can pay for your education. Not to worry—many of our students have the same question on their minds! This week, a Twitter follower asked about the many financial aid packages and offers he received from the many colleges he applied to.

“Hi UCEazy! I was just accepted into my first-choice college. I was really excited to go to college, but I’m confused about all the different financial aid options and don’t think I can afford to go to my first-choice college. Are there any resources to find college grants or scholarships to help me pay for my dream college?”

First off, congratulations to everyone who was accepted into college! Your hard work has finally paid off. Since everyone’s family financial situation is very different, general information isn’t enough. We highly encourage you to head over to our amazing UCEazy college counselors to review our Financial Aid service. With our service, you will be able to clearly specify your problems with financial aid and better understand other resources available for you to pay for college. Our financial aid consulting service is designed to save time and money by assisting families with navigating the many different processes for financial aid as well as sharing financial aid expertise.

Below is the list of resources and financial aid services we can help you with:  

  • Review of family’s financial needs and resources to pay for college
  • Assessment of student’s academic profile (grades, standardized test results, possible majors, and college list)
  • Analysis of student’s need-based, merit-aid, scholarship and college aid eligibility
  • Analysis of Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Discussion of financial aid strategies, options, timeline and forms (FAFSA and CSS/Profile)
  • Support for identifying valid sources and timelines for investigating merit based and other scholarships
  • Detailed explanation of financial aid awards
  • Help with making final choice after decision letters are received

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