April Timely Tips for Each Grade

April Timely Tips for Each Grade

Summer will be here before we know it, which means that students will have even more free time. With the uncertainty of activities and enrichment due to COVID-19, we encourage students, now more than ever, to spend time researching summer options. With potentially more time on your hands, take advantage and learn something you have always wanted to learn. Most universities, like UC Berkeley, are offering interesting and unique enrichment courses.
Below are some ideas on how students can continue moving forward in their college admissions journey throughout April.

8th Graders – Focus on Foundation

  • Develop a summer plan that improves your student’s strengths and work on improving any areas of weakness.
  • Prepare for the transition into high school.
    • Academics
      • Fill in gaps from the end of 8th grade.
        • Online Learning and Support for all Subjects
  • Understand the expectations for the first semester of high school.
    • Personal
      • Assess how equipped your student is for social and academic adjustments.

9th Graders – Build on Foundation

  • Build on the academic and personal summer plans that improve your student’s strengths.
    • Online Learning and Support for all Subjects
  • Research and invest time in a virtual summer activity that improves strengths and any learning gaps from second semester.

10th Graders – Grow Strengths and Explore Options

  • Assess core values and interests to start thinking of potential college majors and careers.
    • Research virtual options for exploration and enrichment opportunities for a major and activities related to that major.
  • Develop a plan and timeline for taking the ACT and SAT tests required by colleges.
    • Join a virtual SAT/ACT prep course like Khan Academy.
    • Set a study schedule.

11th Graders – Narrow your Interests

  • Start drafting a college list. Work with your counselor to identify your best college fit.
  • Learn about colleges by taking an online campus tour. Use www.youvisit.com or www.campusreel.org.
  • Map out your fall standardized testing plan. Plan for SAT, ACT and SAT subject tests.
  • Use virtual SAT/ACT prep programs like Khan Academy.

12th Graders – Fill in Gaps

  • Take virtual college tours.
  • Review all of your college decisions. Critically analyze each college and university you have been accepted into based on academics, personality and social and emotional needs.
  • Strategize how to respond to waitlist offers.
  • May 1st is College Decision Day. You are required to make a deposit on or before this day to reserve your senior’s place at his or her chosen college. Due to COVID-19, some colleges have moved this date to June 1. Check with each college to verify.
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