April Timely Tips

April Timely Tips

Summer is quickly approaching, which will warrant greater amounts of free time. At UCEazy, we encourage students to engage in meaningful activities during this time.

Below are ways for students to excel in their college admissions journey this month and prepare for the future.

8th Graders – Build the Basics

  • Grow your strengths
  • Improve any areas of weakness
  • Learn interests
  • Transition to high school with:
    • Being prepared for social and academic changes
    • Reading this summer

9th Graders – Build the Basics

  • Improve your academic and extracurricular areas of strength
  • Explore topics beyond those covered in class
  • Engage in community service and/or volunteer work
  • Prepare for AP/Honors courses

10th Graders – Dive Deeper

  • Consider your passions and interests
  • Solidify potential college majors and future careers
  • Prepare for upcoming AP, IB, Honors courses in 11th grade

11th Graders – Discover Your Interests

  • Create a college list with your counselor
  • Register for campus tours
  • Schedule your fall standardized testing plan if you are participating in SAT/ACT
  • Research test-optional and test blind colleges

12th Graders – Fill in Gaps

  • Take college tours to gain perspective
  • Consider your college decisions
  • Analyze colleges you have been accepted into
  • Think about responding to waitlist offers
  • Verify what day your deposit is due to your chosen college