February 26th #askfriday

This week a facebook follower asked for an answer to a financial aid question specific to his particular situation. Until recently we had no way to help him because we had no resources to provide in-depth analysis of a specific question for a single individual.

So, we listened to your needs! Within the next two weeks, we will be launching a service for college counselors to meet individually with students and answer financial aid questions, pertaining to college scholarships, grants and more. You will be able to discuss your questions and particular situation with any college counselor of your choice. Currently, we are working to recruit a talented group of professionals who have spent years working with college-bound high school students.  Their expertise range from colleges and universities throughout the United States.

In addition to our amazing college counselors, several of our experts specialize in California schools such as Berkeley and UCLA.

If you need immediate assistance (due to financial aid, grants, scholarship deadlines, etc.) please comment on this blog post and we will respond.  Otherwise, we look forward to see you back with our newly launched services!

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