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UCEazy is a virtual company, with employees from the top tech areas and top universities of the world. We offer work from home, flexible working hours, unlimited vacation policy,and an opportunity to work with a highly diverse group of individuals. UCEazy is a great company to shape your professional destiny. Currently we have the following positions open:
i. College Admissions Counselors who want to help students get into their dream college.
ii. Community Ambassadors: Someone that truly believes in making a difference in people’s lives.

Community Ambassador


UCEazy is looking for a parent or an educator with a passion to help first-generation immigrant families with the college admissions process. If you think you are qualified to join our team of experts, then apply today for our Community Ambassador position.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Create UCEazy awareness in your community.
2. Help families sign-up for UCEazy programs.
3. Create and nurture customer support groups: The goal is to have UCEazy families leverage each other's experience and support each other through the highly stressful college admissions experience.

Required Skills and Personality Traits:

a. Ideally, a first/second generation immigrant parent that has gone through the college admissions process
b. Connected in the community
c. Be comfortable in making outgoing phone calls
d. Good organizational skills
e. Comfortable in public speaking

Part-time position, flexibility to work from home, attractive compensation.

Email your resume to and tell us why you would make a great UCEazy Community Ambassador.


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