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Vinnie’s Blog to Parents

I want to share a letter I wrote on a neighborhood chat board for a parent seeking college advice for their child, as I hope it will be useful for many others. Dear Neighbors, Many of you, like me, were born outside the United States, but now find yourselves raising a family in this country. […]


The Importance of the Multi-Dimensional Student Program for College Admissions

UCEazy recently rolled out the “Multi-Dimensional Student Program” to help students differentiate themselves in their college applications. Now, more than ever, I am convinced that there is a need for this unique program. College admissions representatives consistently share with me stories such as, “Students whose parents were born outside the U.S. look alike on their […]


Juniors, get a head start on the College applications process

Juniors, get a head start on the College applications process With the Seniors mostly done with their applications, Colleges and Universities have turned their attention towards Juniors. At top 15 Universities, most of the class can be determined with just Early Decision (ED) students. For the next group of highly competitive Universities (ranked 16-25), the […]


Prepping for the Future During the Holidays

During holiday/winter break time, students should take advantage of their time.  Below are some ideas on how students can continue moving forward during this time. 8th graders: Private high school applications deadlines need to be met. Explore some interest areas and brainstorm how these might be applied in clubs, service projects, or other hands-on experiences […]


How many AP exams should I take for Ivy League schools?

Take as many as you can handle with the consideration of the following: 1) Don’t add additional AP classes just because it looks good on a transcript. What looks good is spending your time on high-impact, meaningful activities outside of one’s high school campus. 2) Don’t add AP classes if there is a high probability […]


For College Admissions, Self-Help Isn’t For Everyone!

PARENTS: FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONS, SELF-HELP MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE College admissions landscape in USA has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Consider the following: a. Increased Competition: Top-tier private colleges now admit only 5% of the applicants.UCLA, a public university, attracted over 119,000 applications — the most ever for a US college. 1/3rd of […]


How To Have a Meaningful Campus Visit

On top of writing college application essays and finishing your high school classes, it seems like there’s even less time to drive or fly to visit college campuses. A lot of students are stressed out as it is with applying to colleges, but what better way to understand campus culture than to walk through the halls of […]


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