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Prepping for the Future During the Holidays

Students, during holiday/winter break, take advantage of your time by working on some of the following items. Students need to continue moving forward, even throughout this time of the year. 8th Graders: Prepare to meet private high school application deadlines. Explore some interest areas, and brainstorm how these might be applied in clubs, service projects […]


What does a college admissions counselor do?

In this video, UCEazy counselor Shari Schussel shares the important role that a college admissions counselor plays in a student’s journey to his/her dream college. 1. College admissions counselors help improve student’s competitiveness. Students have a short amount of time to leave a lasting impression in their applications. Counselors guide students on how to put […]


Timely Tips for November

The holidays are here. While students will be spending time celebrating, it is important for them to stay on track with their academics and extracurricular activities. Below are some tips to help students in 8th-12th grades. Grades 8-10 Study tips for finals: Communicate with your teachers about a study guide. If one is not given […]


Why college admissions is a multi-year commitment

Vinnie Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of UCEazy answered some important questions regarding college admissions and UCEazy. In this interview, Vinnie Gupta shares UCEazy’s focus and why he and his co-founder, VK Kolady, started the company. He also discusses how UCEazy prepares students for college admissions and the importance of starting the process at an early […]


College Admissions Trends

Vinnie Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of UCEazy answered some important questions regarding college admissions and UCEazy. In this interview, Vinnie Gupta sheds light on the shift in the college admissions landscape. Vinnie begins by sharing the difference between holistic and non-holistic colleges. Then, he shares the necessary components of writing college admissions essays to set […]


October Tips for 8th-12th Graders

Fall is in full swing, and it is important for students to continue building on their foundation for a successful school year. Below are some tips that will help students in each grade. 8th Graders: Continue developing activities on your list. Start researching activities that will be interesting this year and for the remainder of […]


A Student Standout: How UCEazy Guided the Journey of a 10-12th Grader to College Admission Success

Former UCEazy student, Pranav Kolady shares how UCEazy allowed him to stand out, during the college admissions process. Some of the things Parnav’s UCEazy counselor helped him to do include, preparing for college essays, creating a college list, choosing a major, becoming more extraverted and more! Listen to how Pranav’s 3-year journey with UCEazy led […]


Extra-Curricular Activities: Ways to Be Involved in Sports Without Playing

As you assess the college landscape and prepare for the admissions process, it has become increasingly more important to be involved in extracurricular activities. In the U.S., many students enjoy playing sports as an extracurricular activity. Sports teach many valuable lessons such as teamwork, accountability, sportsmanship, passion and responsibility. What about students who like sports, […]


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