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Understanding Holistic Admissions

Sit back, grab a cup of joe and relax with UCEazy co-founder & CEO Vinnie Gupta and UCEazy VP of Customer Success & Enrollment Dennis Yan. During this 15-minute video, the two explain the importance of holistic admissions and how it impacts students as they apply to colleges. In short, a holistic approach is when […]


Timely Tips for March

Spring is in the air, which means Spring Break is coming to a school near you. Students need to use their time wisely as they approach summer. Below are some ideas on how they can continue moving forward in March. 8th Graders Prepare for 9th grade by developing strong study habits, reading for pleasure and […]


Benefits of Working with UCEazy During Early High School Years

“The early bird gets the worm.” You’ve likely heard this saying and have probably even said it a time or two. This is especially true for the college admissions process. In the “old days,” you would only need to think about applying to colleges during the first semester of senior year. However, that has dramatically […]


UCEazy Overview

UCEazy stands for University and College admissions made eazy. Our mission is to simplify the college admissions process for students whose parents were born outside the U.S. or are not familiar with the U.S. college admissions process. How do we help? We are an online academy (a virtual school) that specializes in college admissions. UCEazy […]


Interview with Karen Rowe, Director of UCEazy’s College Admissions Program

In this video, Director of the College Admissions Program Karen Rowe explains her experience in the college admissions process, her involvement with UCEazy, what she finds most rewarding about working for UCEazy and more. For more information or to register for a free consultation, please contact us at info@uceazy.com or 1-833-982-3299.


Why Invest in College Admissions Guidance? Invest in Your Student’s Future and Strip Away the Unnecessary Stress

If you have a student in a U.S. high school, you are certainly thinking about the college admissions process or already applying to colleges. We want to encourage you to invest in college admissions counseling, especially if you are a family with foreign-born parents. The complexities of the U.S. college admissions process can be stressful […]


Prepping for the Future During the Holidays

Students, during holiday/winter break, take advantage of your time by working on some of the following items. Students need to continue moving forward, even throughout this time of the year. 8th Graders: Prepare to meet private high school application deadlines. Explore some interest areas, and brainstorm how these might be applied in clubs, service projects […]


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