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UCEazy Co-Founder Vinnie Gupta’s interview (in Hindi)

10th Jul 2017

Radio Punjab is a prominent radio station focused on first-generation immigrants from the Punjab region in India. Last week, UCEazy Co-Founder Vinnie Gupta was interviewed on the need for rising seniors to use their summer wisely.  Listen here: Feeling social? Interact with us and get the latest news and event information:

Financial Aid, FAFSA and more

15th Jun 2017

Let’s be frank: college is insanely expensive. The U.S. has a huge student debt problem because of the tremendous financial burden many students must undertake to get through college. This is why it is crucial to seek out any and all financial aid resources when applying for college. Treat it …

What does a College Admissions Counselor do?

15th Jun 2017

Last week, we posted a video by Shari Schussel, one of our UCEazy counselors. This video about the important role that college admissions counselors play in a student’s life was a hit on social media, and had nearly 1000 views in under one week. It is clear that this message …

ATTENTION JUNIORS: here’s a roadmap

27th May 2017

JUNIORS! The pressure is definitely on when it comes to getting into college. You are closer than other grades to pressing that “send” button on the college application, and we want to make sure you have this helpful overview we have created so you have a road map to college …


27th May 2017

Summer is here! For many, summer is a time in between academic semesters, but for some, it’s a time to plan strategically and maximize chances at getting into your top college! One of the ways you can maximize your summer months is to explore ‘extracurricular activities’, a buzz word that …

Huge waste of family money

07th Apr 2017

Huge Waste of Family Money Summary: Nationally, students end up wasting more than $200 million every year because of applying to colleges they don’t get accepted to. It’s heart breaking to see low income families wasting their hard earned money and having to make sacrifices that are completely avoidable. This …

How Do Admissions Officer Decide That You’re the One

04th Jan 2017

What do admissions counselors want for the new admitted class? There seems to be so many requirements and checklists to go through just to get into college. After having a solid college list, how do you go about understanding which one fits your needs and passions – and most importantly, …

How to Write Your Best College Essays!

22nd Dec 2016

It’s almost Christmas and deadlines for college application essays are rolling along! Your GPA, grades and SAT test scores are important because it shows the admissions officer how hardworking and smart you really are. But how will your dream college’s admissions officer choose the new undergraduate class from thousands of …