Lessons Learned from the 2019-2020 College Admissions Cycle

Decisions have been made. College admissions offices have decided which students made the cut and students have finalized which college they will attend. Even with all of the uncertainty due to COVID-19, college this fall will happen, even if it’s virtually. Two trends that stood out this year according to the UCEazy team: 1. The […]


The University of California is phasing out the SAT and ACT. What does this mean for your college admissions strategy?

We are living in unprecedented times. Between the pandemic and civil unrest, and all the second-order effects of major events, where does that leave students seeking admission to a high-quality university? The University of California recently decided to phase out the SAT over the next five years and eventually transition to a new form of […]


May 2020 Timely Tips for Each Grade

Summer is here. Below are some ideas that students can use to continue to grow academically and personally, despite many COVID-19 related challenges they may face over the summer. 8th Graders Start thinking about the transition from 8th to 9th grade by considering interesting virtual extracurricular activities. Do not let sheltering-in-place prevent you from doing […]

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April Timely Tips for Each Grade

Summer will be here before we know it, which means that students will have even more free time. With the uncertainty of activities and enrichment due to COVID-19, we encourage students, now more than ever, to spend time researching summer options. With potentially more time on your hands, take advantage and learn something you have […]


Juniors: Do Not Wait to get Professional College Admissions Guidance

Sit back, grab a cup of joe and relax with UCEazy co-Founder & CEO Vinnie Gupta and UCEazy VP of Customer Success & Enrollment Dennis Yan. During this 11-minute video, the two will discuss how high school juniors can best prepare for their senior year and the college application process. Discussions include how to discover […]


Understanding Holistic Admissions

Sit back, grab a cup of joe and relax with UCEazy co-founder & CEO Vinnie Gupta and UCEazy VP of Customer Success & Enrollment Dennis Yan. During this 15-minute video, the two explain the importance of holistic admissions and how it impacts students as they apply to colleges. In short, a holistic approach is when […]


Timely Tips for March

Spring is in the air, which means Spring Break is coming to a school near you. Students need to use their time wisely as they approach summer. Below are some ideas on how they can continue moving forward in March. 8th Graders Prepare for 9th grade by developing strong study habits, reading for pleasure and […]


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