Lessons Learned from the 2020-2021 College Admissions Cycle

At this point, colleges have evaluated which students were accepted, and students are preparing for college in the fall. Things are coming back to “normal,” but there are many changes that have taken place in college admissions amid these unprecedented times. UCEazy experts saw two major factors stand out including: The college admissions essay has […]

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May Timely Tips

Summer is here! Despite another crazy year, students can look ahead to a semi-normal school year ahead for next year. Learn how students can continue to grow both academically and personally this summer to prepare for (hopefully) in-person instruction for next school year. 8th Graders Start preparing for 9th grade by thinking about interesting extracurricular […]

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April Timely Tips for Each Grade

Summer will be here before we know it, and students will have more free time outside of the (virtual) classroom environment. We encourage students to research summer options, explore something they have always wanted to learn or become involved in something they’re passionate about. Below are ways students can continue to excel in their college […]

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March Timely Tips

Spring has sprung and now is the time for students to plan and finalize how they will spend their increased free time in the summer. Make progress this month on this and other topics with some advice from UCEazy experts. 8th Graders Academics: When selecting courses for 9th grade, seek balance between academic difficulty and […]

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UCEazy Alumni Spotlight

My name is Shivani Gupta, and I graduated from Monta Vista High School and UCEazy in June 2020. Just two years ago, I was in your shoes and was starting to hear more about the college application process, whether it was in my day-to-day conversations or from my teachers and my parents. For many students, […]

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Timely Tips for January and February 2021

It’s spring semester, which means that it’s time to plan for meaningful summer activities. Whether you’re learning virtually or back to school in person, here are tips from UCEazy experts to help make the most of your time. 8th Graders Finish exploration of what high school to attend, whether public or private Research options to […]

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Winter Break Timely Tips

Any length of time that students have away from classwork is an opportunity to engage in meaningful activities. Colleges will not consider COVID to be an excuse for students’ lack of participation in virtual learning and volunteering, hobbies from home and making yourself a better student in general. The college admissions journey is not confined […]

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Timely Tips for November

The holidays are upon us, even if they look different this year. While students will be spending time celebrating, it is important for them to stay on track with their academics and extracurricular activities. Below are some tips from the UCEazy Experts to help students in 8th-12th grades. Grades 8-10 Study tips for finals: Communicate: […]

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