How To Use Your Resume and Extracurricular Activities to Your Advantage

Grades and GPA are very important! You’re basically primed by your parents and teachers in elementary school to study hard and do well on tests and homework assignments. But what else can you use to boost your college application in the eyes of admissions counselors? Below is our webinar hosted by Vinnie Gupta, cofounder of UCEazy […]

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Thinking of Transferring to Another College? The deadline’s coming up!

Tips for Writing Compelling College Transfer Essays For those college students that have made the personal decision to transfer colleges, whether it is because of a change in desired major or differing priorities, the personal statement will undoubtedly be one of the most important factors in making an admission decision. The essay prompts for transfer students […]


How to Relax During Stressful College Applications!

Among the personal statements, college visits, interviews, and more, it’s easy to tense up and stress out! There are so many to-do’s on your college admissions planner, but there is light in the tunnel. To help you get there, you’ve gotta take some steps to calm your mind and release tension so that you can […]


How Do You Build a Winning College Admissions Resume?

There are many good reasons to compose a College Admission Resume. A high school resume emphasizes a student’s academic achievements, honors, school activities, community service work, summer jobs, leadership roles, athletic contributions, and performing arts endeavors. A resume can be particularly useful when filling out college applications by providing a comprehensive listing of a student’s […]


How Do You Leverage Extracurricular Activities for Selective College Admissions?

What you do with your free time plays a significant role in the college admissions process. Actually, right after a student’s high school GPA and standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement is the best way for a college to gain a deeper understanding of the person you are, what matters to you, and how you can […]


For College Admissions, Self-Help Isn’t For Everyone!

PARENTS: FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONS, SELF-HELP MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE College admissions landscape in USA has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Consider the following: a. Increased Competition: Top-tier private colleges now admit only 5% of the applicants.UCLA, a public university, attracted over 119,000 applications — the most ever for a US college. 1/3rd of […]


How To Have a Meaningful Campus Visit

On top of writing college application essays and finishing your high school classes, it seems like there’s even less time to drive or fly to visit college campuses. A lot of students are stressed out as it is with applying to colleges, but what better way to understand campus culture than to walk through the halls of […]


May 13th #askfriday

This week, one of our Twitter followers was overwhelmed with all the different choices of college counselors and college consulting companies out there. She asked us: “I’m a sophomore right now and want to start planning my college application process to ensure I get into the college I want. Why should I choose UCEazy over […]


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