2019 College Admissions Insights

Working as a college admissions counselor, I have the opportunity to help students as they adventure on the college admissions roller coaster ride. During the ride, most students I work with experience ups, downs and unexpected twists as they journey towards post-high school life. Recently (a few moments before writing this blog), I received notification […]


Lessons Learned from the Fall 2019 College Admissions Cycle

The colleges made their decisions. Most students finalized their college choice by May 1st. After our team at UCEazy analyzed the data, two clear trends emerged: Top colleges, either private or public, continue to become even more insanely competitive. Even for the most gifted students, it’s almost impossible to predict their chances of getting into […]


Timely Tips for Each Grade Summer 2019

Summer is here. Below are some ideas that students can use to continue moving forward. 8th Graders Start thinking about the transition from 8th to 9th grade by anticipating what extracurricular activities appear interesting to you. Take some risks in projects that you undertake or strengths that you want to develop. Review any material that […]


College Essays Made Eazy Program

Essays, also called personal statements, are a key part of the application process for most top-ranked colleges. Unfortunately, a large number of students are unable to put their best foot forward in this critical area. These students end up underperforming in college admissions. This is true even for academically gifted students. The main problem is […]


College Scandal

As you may have read in the news, there are reportedly unscrupulous college admissions counselors who have fraudulently been placing students into their dream colleges. This scandal not only destroyed reputations, colleges rescinded student admissions for those involved in this unethical and perhaps illegal behavior. On behalf of the entire UCEazy team, I want to […]


Grade Specific Tips for April

Summer will be here soon. Below are some ideas on how students can continue moving forward during this month. 8th Graders Prepare for the transition into high school because it can be challenging. Understand the expectations for the first semester of high school. Assess how prepared the student is for the social and academic changes. […]


Radio Interview with Co-Founder Vinnie Gupta – The Story Behind UCEazy

Question – Tell us about the story behind UCEazy. Answer – UCEazy has two co-founders, me and Vaitheesh Kolady (VK). VK and I both moved from India to the U.S. about 25 years ago. We went to reputed colleges in India and then worked in Silicon Valley for several prestigious companies. However, when it came […]


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