Grade Tips for March

Students are marching towards Spring Break. Make sure they continue to use their time for their advantage. Below are some ideas on how students can continue moving forward during this month. 8th Graders Prepare for 9th grade by developing strong study habits, reading for pleasure and reviewing math concepts that may be difficult next year. […]


Vinnie’s Blog to Parents

I want to share a letter I wrote on a neighborhood chat board for a parent seeking college advice for their child, as I hope it will be useful for many others. Dear Neighbors, Many of you, like me, were born outside the United States, but now find yourselves raising a family in this country. […]


The Importance of the Multi-Dimensional Student Program for College Admissions

UCEazy recently rolled out the “Multi-Dimensional Student Program” to help students differentiate themselves in their college applications. Now, more than ever, I am convinced that there is a need for this unique program. College admissions representatives consistently share with me stories such as, “Students whose parents were born outside the U.S. look alike on their […]


Grade Tips for February

Students are back in school. Make sure they take advantage of their time. Below are some ideas on how students can continue moving forward during this time. 8th Graders Work on choosing a high school, whether that be public or private. Research and analyze to find the “best fit” for your student. List the benefits […]

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UCEazy College Admissions Introduces Multi-Dimensional Student Program

UCEazy College Admissions Introduces Multi-Dimensional Student Program Universities and colleges seek independent thinkers in today’s challenging environment SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. colleges and universities are no longer focusing primarily on grade point averages (GPA) and SAT/ACT scores when it comes to college admissions. Because of this shift, parents and students need […]

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UCEazy’s Services for 8-12th grades: the Multi-Dimensional Student Program and the College Admissions Program

UCEazy has been guiding students whose parents were born outside the U.S. through the college admissions process for many years. Co-founders Vinnie Gupta and Vaitheesh (VK) Kolady, both born outside the U.S., started UCEazy to level the playing field for these students. The company has primarily focused on families with students in the 11th and […]


Straight A Student Rejected!

Straight A Student Rejected! Don’t Let your child get denied by top Universities There is a new fact about college admissions in the United States – students who have all As and score high on the SAT/ACT are not guaranteed admissions to top ranked colleges such as the Ivy Leagues, UC Berkeley and more. Why […]


The UCEazy Academy is the leader in providing help with the college admissions process and private college advisors. Our academy helps with the college admissions process for students grades 8-12. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes everything from college application counseling to helping with your college transfer application. Our team of the best college counselors online and college application consultants will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for help with the college application process, college admissions advice, or a college transfer program, UCEazy has the college planning consultants and college application counselors to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how our college admissions services can help you get into the college of your dreams!

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