March Timely Tips

Spring has sprung and now is the time for students to plan and finalize how they will spend their increased free time in the summer. Make progress this month on this and other topics with some advice from UCEazy experts. 8th Graders Academics: When selecting courses for 9th grade, seek balance between academic difficulty and […]

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UCEazy Expands its Offerings Coast to Coast

UCEazy Expands its Offerings Coast to Coast Expanding nationwide to offer college admissions guidance services for students whose parents were born outside the U.S. SAN FRANCISCO and WASHINGTON, DC (September 20, 2018) – After successfully serving the needs of more than 500 families in California, UCEazy is excited to announce its services available nationwide providing […]


Role of Parenting in Admissions into a Top Tier College?

Role of Parenting in Admissions into a Top Tier College? By Vinnie Gupta, Co-Founder, UCEazy   The new school year has begun and whether your child is an 8th grader or a 12th grader, college is always on the forefront of the minds for most parents.   As a first-generation immigrant family, we didn’t understand […]


Who is a typical UCEazy counselor?

UCEazy counselors aren’t just experts in the field-they are mentors, former admissions officers, parents of children who already went through the college process, and have diverse international experience. Recently, we began to feature some of our all-star counselor team through a series of videos. Dr. Nicole Korgie Jackson is an industry veteran with over 25 […]


Financial Aid, FAFSA and more

Let’s be frank: college is insanely expensive. The U.S. has a huge student debt problem because of the tremendous financial burden many students must undertake to get through college. This is why it is crucial to seek out any and all financial aid resources when applying for college. Treat it as a part time job, […]


What does a College Admissions Counselor do?

Last week, we posted a video by Shari Schussel, one of our UCEazy counselors. This video about the important role that college admissions counselors play in a student’s life was a hit on social media, and had nearly 1000 views in under one week. It is clear that this message is resonating with our audience, […]


ATTENTION JUNIORS: here’s a roadmap

JUNIORS! The pressure is definitely on when it comes to getting into college. You are closer than other grades to pressing that “send” button on the college application, and we want to make sure you have this helpful overview we have created so you have a road map to college at this phase of your […]



Summer is here! For many, summer is a time in between academic semesters, but for some, it’s a time to plan strategically and maximize chances at getting into your top college! One of the ways you can maximize your summer months is to explore ‘extracurricular activities’, a buzz word that is important in college admissions. […]

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