For College Admissions, Self-Help Isn’t For Everyone!

PARENTS: FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONS, SELF-HELP MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE College admissions landscape in USA has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Consider the following: a. Increased Competition: Top-tier private colleges now admit only 5% of the applicants.UCLA, a public university, attracted over 119,000 applications — the most ever for a US college. 1/3rd of […]


How To Have a Meaningful Campus Visit

On top of writing college application essays and finishing your high school classes, it seems like there’s even less time to drive or fly to visit college campuses. A lot of students are stressed out as it is with applying to colleges, but what better way to understand campus culture than to walk through the halls of […]


May 13th #askfriday

This week, one of our Twitter followers was overwhelmed with all the different choices of college counselors and college consulting companies out there. She asked us: “I’m a sophomore right now and want to start planning my college application process to ensure I get into the college I want. Why should I choose UCEazy over […]


April 22nd #askfriday

It’s that time of year! Congratulations to all our UCEazy students who just accepted their college offers and will be starting their college journey in the fall. During this exciting time, our counselors were asked many questions about financial aid packages and how to ask the schools to accommodate the family’s financial situation. This past […]

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April 8th #askfriday

You were just accepted into your first-choice college, but once you received your financial aid package, you are suddenly unsure about how your family can pay for your education. Not to worry—many of our students have the same question on their minds! This week, a Twitter follower asked about the many financial aid packages and […]

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February 26th #askfriday

This week a facebook follower asked for an answer to a financial aid question specific to his particular situation. Until recently we had no way to help him because we had no resources to provide in-depth analysis of a specific question for a single individual. So, we listened to your needs! Within the next two weeks, […]

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How the College Applications Process is Like Dating

People always laugh at me when I say the college process is like dating. But after 10+ years in the industry, I still agree with my analogy. In fact, I think it only gets better with time. Here are a few snippets so that you can see what I mean: Your Expectations… You have certain […]

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How to Be Yourself in Your College Essays

Time and time again, you will hear college admissions representatives say to “be yourself” in your college essays. I find that many of my students struggle with this because they RATHER be the student that the college wants to admit (versus being truly themselves). And, really, who can blame them? College admissions are high-stakes, and […]

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