For College Admissions, Self-Help Isn’t For Everyone!


College admissions landscape in USA has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Consider the following:

a. Increased Competition: Top-tier private colleges now admit only 5% of the applicants.UCLA, a public university, attracted over 119,000 applications — the most ever for a US college. 1/3rd of UC (University of California) admissions are now offered to out-of-state and international students.

I am sure that most of you are not surprised by the low admittance rates at Ivy Leagues such as Princeton or Harvard. They were always very selective. What you may be surprised with is that public universities are no longer a safe option.

studying personb. Complex Admissions Process: A few years back, CSU (California State University) rejected 30,000 applications because they were incomplete. Private college admissions are infinitely more complex!

c. Most public high schools are unable to provide personalized help with college admissions: In California, the student to counselor ratio is 1000:1, the worst in the country.


So, what’s my point? We as parents, cannot take college admission for granted! Most families need professional help with the process – they cannot do it alone.

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What are your options? You could try self-help if you have the time, patience and research skills. Or, you could consider private high schools. But what if neither of the above is an option for you?

This is where UCEazy comes in. The inspiration for UCEazy ( was my personal frustration and anxiety while supporting my children with their college application journey.

UCEazy’s Vision: Make college applications easy for all families regardless of their financial background. Our scope is nationwide, not just UCs.

Our Solutions: Our goal is to provide solutions that are high quality yet affordable.

a. UCEazy Union ( A network of college admissions experts that provide consultation over online video e.g. Skype. Our experts go through a rigorous interview process before they are listed on our website.

b. UCEazy Webinars ( FREE weekly webinars on different aspects of the college admissions process.

c. UCEazy Toolbox ( FREE web applications, to give simple advice during the college application process.

How to get more involved with us:

a. Attend our free webinars ( to learn more about the college admissions process and to “meet” our experts.

b. Email us at or call 650-248-3924

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About the author:

Vinnie Gupta is a first generation immigrant and a co-founder of UCEazy. He experienced the complex college admissions process though the college journeys of his children. His daughter graduated from UCLA and his son is studying at University of Chicago. He earned an engineering degree from BITS (Pilani) and a MBA from Indian Institute of Management. He also pursued executive MBA studies at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.



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