Increase your chances of getting into your dream college by writing your most compelling college essays!

With less emphasis on SAT/ACT scores, college essays have become even more important in the application process for top-ranked colleges. Essays become the final piece of college applications that Juniors and Seniors can work on to tip the admissions scales in your favor.

Our essay writing experts average 15 years experience in college admissions and all have a Master’s Degree at the minimum. These programs can either be part of our Comprehensive Pathway or purchased as a stand-alone offering.

We offer a comprehensive writing program for juniors and a last minute essay program for seniors.


*College Essay Boot Camp has a limited capacity and students must enroll by June 15*

6-8 Weeks Intensive Summer Program

1:1 Sessions with Writing Coach

Learn Techniques for College Essay Writing

Brainstorm Ideas for Your Most Compelling Topic

Develop Outline of the Common Application Essay

Complete a solid draft of the Common Application Essay


What is the goal of UCEazy’s summer boot camp?
Students will learn to craft a well-written essay that differentiates them from thousands of other applicants. During the course of UCEazy’s 8-week program, students write several versions of the Common Application’s 650-word Personal Statement. They complete the program with a strong draft that qualifies for both the Coalition Application and the Common Application.

What is the program start date?
Flexible. You will work directly with the essay coach for scheduling.

Is this a group workshop?
No, this is a one-on-one program.

What is the student’s time commitment?
Students meet with their writing coach 6-8 times throughout the summer. The meetings typically last 30-60 minutes. It is also expected that students work on their essay throughout the week revising and editing their draft in between meetings. On average, students write 4-5 drafts of their Personal Statement before finalizing a strong and compelling essay.

What is the typical process?
Writing coaches begin the boot camp by providing strategies and tips on writing a strong college essay. Then they take time brainstorming topics, which is a crucial element of the Personal Statement. The coach and student will then review, edit and refine compelling essays that move the needle in college admissions.

What advantages does the summer boot camp offer to students?
Most students begin working on their college essays during their Senior year without any training on writing college essays. This is a very high risk approach because there is no time to fix the situation. The summer boot camp removes this risk. By attending this boot camp, students will enter their Senior year with skills for essay writing and a strong and compelling essay.

The benefits are threefold:

  1. Increase the student’s chances of getting into their dream college.
  2. Significant reduction in the time students will spend in the Senior year on essay writing when most Seniors also need to handle college applications, school work and extracurricular activities.
  3. Reduce the student and the parents’ stress levels.

Can I use the Common Application Personal Statement for other college essays?
Brainstorming and having a strong draft of the Personal Statement is the first step to success for the rest of your college essays. Most of the topics, brainstorming, ideas and content can be adapted to fit most of your other essays such as the UC Personal Insight Questions.

What is the fee of the summer boot camp?
The Boot Camp fee is $1,990.

Where have students been accepted that attended the summer boot camp?
Students from our 2020 Bootcamp have been accepted to many top-ranked colleges and universities including: George Washington University, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Rice, Tulane, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), University of Maryland, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Pittsburgh, University of Southern California, University of Texas Austin, University of Washington, and Washington University in St. Louis


For Seniors who have drafted their college essays, this is a great option to have a college essay expert review and edit your submissions. This guidance is included in the Comprehensive Pathway, but can be available as a stand-alone offering in November and December of the Senior year. With some colleges requiring up to 15 writing assignments (short and long-form), time is of the essence.

Our Highly Experienced Writing Coaches are Skilled in Supporting Students with the Following Types of Essays:

Common Application Essay

Supplemental Essays for Every College/University in the U.S.

University of California: Personal Insight Essay

Short Response Essays


UCEazy’s College Essay Bootcamp gave me a very strong foundation for how to write my college essays and taught me to explore my creative side in more depth. Even as someone who constantly writes, the tools and perspectives I was shown were new and immensely beneficial. Doing this program is a large reason for how I was able to write the essays that got me into my dream college.
-Shivani G., UCEazy class of 2020

The Essay Boot Camp was helpful in writing my college essays, and I would rate it 5/5 stars. I felt as though it helped me put down my thoughts into a well-structured essay to convey how I grew from my experiences!
-Bhavagyna V., UCEazy class of 2020

My UCEazy counselor helped me with my essays and allowed me to express myself in a more appealing way to colleges without straying from myself. I was stressed in the beginning, but along the way with the help of my counselor, the process was much easier. My counselor is a wonderful person to work with. I’m glad to have chosen UCEazy because of their professionalism and I felt that I received quality tips and guidance.
-Kesar, UCEazy class of 2020

It has been an absolute honor to work with my UCEazy counselor through my college application journey!! The college essay writing tips that she had provided me were really good, as they directly tackled the inherent flaws that were prevalent in my writing ability. I will always be very thankful to UCEazy for helping me realize the importance of thinking critically about where I stand as a well-rounded individual and what I envision myself to become in the future. Looking back, without my UCEazy counselor, I don’t think me and my family would have been able to dream about my post-high school future with as much optimism as we are doing now.
-Aryaman, UCEazy class of 2020