The UCEazy team of experts can help with essays for any U.S. college or university. This includes:

  1. The Common Application Essay and Supplemental Essays
  2. Personal Insight Essays for the University of California (UC) system and other top-ranked public universities in the U.S.

Our experts average 15 years experience in college admissions and have a Master’s degree at the minimum. You can engage with a UCEazy essay expert (counselor) by enrolling in our comprehensive packages or by investing in a block of hours.

Sample Testimonials

My UCEazy counselor helped me with my essays and allowed me to express myself in a more appealing way to colleges without straying from myself. I was stressed in the beginning, but along the way with the help of my counselor, the process was much easier. My counselor is a wonderful person to work with. I’m glad to have chosen UCEazy because of their professionalism and I felt that I received quality tips and guidance.

-Kesar, UCEazy class of 2020

It has been an absolute honor to work with my UCEazy counselor through my college application journey!! The college essay writing tips that she had provided me were really good, as they directly tackled the inherent flaws that were prevalent in my writing ability. I will always be very thankful to UCEazy for helping me realize the importance of thinking critically about where I stand as a well-rounded individual and what I envision myself to become in the future. Looking back, without my UCEazy counselor, I don’t think me and my family would have been able to dream about my post-high school future with as much optimism as we are doing now.

-Aryaman, UCEazy class of 2020