Develop the necessary skills needed to write a compelling essay to gain entry into the college of your dreams.

College essays are an integral part of the application process for students to secure acceptance into top-ranked colleges.

Since most high schools do not teach how to write college application essays, most students lack the necessary skills for the unique writing style.

Some colleges have removed SAT/ACT requirements, which has increased the importance of essays and affected admissions at colleges throughout the U.S.

At UCEazy, we believe that students should develop these skills before they start applying to college during their senior year.

This unique program works throughout the high school journey seamlessly with the following:

9th & 10th grade: sessions with an UCEazy Essay Expert twice a month during the school year

Think your current writing skills are enough to get you into a top college?

Take our college essay writing assessment for a evaluation from an expert.


Starts as early as 9th grade

Concludes at the end of 11th grade

One-on-one, personalized coaching over Zoom video conferencing

Homework review between sessions


6-8 Weeks Intensive Summer Program

10 1:1 Sessions with Writing Coach

Learn Techniques for College Essay Writing

Brainstorm Ideas for Your Most Compelling Topic

Develop Outline of the Common Application Essay

Complete a solid draft of the Common Application Essay


“The feedback I get for my assignments is really helpful. There are a lot of different critiques regarding a lot of different areas I can improve, giving me insight into the grammatical
side of it, the structural point of view and the creative spin to it as well.”
– Nihari K.

“She helped me come up with an effective topic for my essay, cut down unnecessary words and helped me with my grammar.”
– Kalyan S.

“My counselor has been very helpful in editing and rephrasing my common app, I am very satisfied with the results. She has taken time to understand my view and knows how to incorporate them in the essay. I think my essays sound much more strong now.”
– Maithreyi N.

“The counselors at UCEazy helped me work on my writing skills to compose detailed personal statement drafts. It has given me confidence that I’ll be able to write college essays when the time comes.”
– Kushal K.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click to Expand)

  1. My child’s writing is pretty good. How would this program help him/her?
    This program helps students improve their writing, gain confidence in telling their story, and prepares them for the multiple college essays they will need to write. As a former AP English teacher who now serves as a college admissions counselor, I know first-hand that writing taught in English class is completely different than writing an essay for college. College essays are personal in nature with the additional need to be persuasive since the goal is to share a story that differentiates you from thousands of other applicants.
  2. Meetings twice per month seem like too much and I am not sure my student is ready to commit.
    Writing is a skill that you need to continuously practice. It takes time to improve, revise, and edit “your story” and how best to communicate it. A writing coach works with a student to create a flexible schedule that works for a student.
  3. How much time should my student expect to spend on writing homework in between sessions?
    Coaches usually assign one or two short writing assignments for a student to work on in between meetings. It depends on the student’s writing ability on how much time they need to spend on each assignment.
  4. Why should we start now?
    The UCEazy 1:1 personalized program provides experienced coaches to help students build the techniques and develop personal branding for high-impact essays. Starting early removes the pressure of time constraints that actually hinders the creative writing process. Building the skills early means the process is more efficient and enjoyable.
    Let’s break it down by grade level:
    It requires a set of life experiences that the student can draw from, self-awareness, the ability to communicate about themselves, and the ability to write in a manner that someone would find interesting.

    1. 9th Grade – Discover Your Story
      1. A compelling college essay requires a set of life experiences that students draw from, self-awareness, the ability to communicate about themselves and then to write in a manner that someone would find interesting.
      2. By starting this process in 9th grade, the progression and depth that the students build significantly improves academics and meaningful involvement in all areas.
    2. 10th Grade – Define Your “Why”
      1. One of the most essential questions college admissions officers ask while reviewing students’ applications is “Why?”. It’s imperative to excel in GPA, test scores, classes and activities, but it means very little without being able to clearly communicate your “why” behind it.
      2. Our 10th grade writing curriculum helps students evaluate their reasons and motivations for participation in activities, classes, leadership roles and so much more. This is how students begin to build personal traits that colleges seek.
    3. 11th Grade – Brainstorming Your Key Message
      1. Students need to take the time to brainstorm ideas that will be strong topics which differentiate them from the other applicants, as well as spend time editing and revising multiple drafts.
      2. If a student is applying to the UCs and/or several Common App or Coalition App schools, they will be required to write at least five essays. And, many colleges require supplemental essays which will require additional brainstorming of topics and strategizing content.
  5. Can I choose which essays to practice
    Absolutely! In fact, it’s encouraged. Coaches work with students to discuss their goals for this program. For example, if a student needs more practice writing descriptive essays, our prompts will focus on improving that skill. Our lessons are tailored to the individual student enrolled in the program.