College Essays Made Eazy Program

Essays, also called personal statements, are a key part of the application process for most top-ranked colleges. Unfortunately, a large number of students are unable to put their best foot forward in this critical area. These students end up underperforming in college admissions. This is true even for academically gifted students.
The main problem is that most students have not been taught how to write a good college application essay. With a college essay, students are asked to write about their life experiences in a narrative or story form. High school teachers rarely have time to teach students on how to write narrative, creative essays, as this style is not part of the English curriculum. Students may develop confidence in their writing skills due to high grades in English classes, but many do not realize until senior year that a unique style and tone are important when trying to capture the attention of a college admissions officer.
In order to help students with their essay writing skills, UCEazy has recently launched a program called College Essays Made Eazy. This program is designed for 11th grade students who aspire to attend top ranked colleges. These students are given a jump start on writing their college essays with guidance from our experts, who offer hands-on practice. By the time they are finished with the program they will have learned how to write an effective college application essay.
At the start of the program, students will be paired with a personal essay coach for one-on-one coaching over video conference. The coaching sessions will take place between May and July. At the end of the program, students will have completed a rough draft of their main essay.
This program is bundled with our comprehensive programs for 8-10 graders and with our Platinum program for Juniors. It is not offered as a stand alone solution.
Please call 1-833-9UCEazy or email to set up a free meeting to learn more about our programs.