College Essays Made Eazy Program

College essays (personal statements) are a key piece of the application process for most top-ranked colleges.

Unfortunately, high school teachers do not instruct students on how to write these essays. Therefore, students assume they have the college application essay writing skills and start writing their essays on their own during their senior year. They then run into problems because they do not have the proper foundation. Without the proper foundation, many students end up having difficulty writing or procrastinate.

Program Goal

This program is designed for Juniors who aspire to attend top ranked colleges. The goal is to give these students a jump start on creating their college application essays. We teach them how to write a compelling college application essay with guidance and plenty of hands-on practice. Think of this program as a boot camp for college application essays.

Program Details

  • Students will be paired with a personal essay coach for one-on-one coaching over video conference.
    • The essay coach will first review the student's response to a writing prompt. This will help the coach create a customized program for the student.
  • Sessions will take place during the summer break after the junior year.
    • Duration of sessions will vary from 30 minutes to an hour, and many lessons will include homework assignments.
    • The student will learn what a successful personal story looks like.
    • The coach and student will brainstorm and discuss ideas on how to start the essay.
    • They will work together to create a story with a message and tone that can stand out and grab the attention of the reader.
  • At the end of the program, the student will have completed a rough draft of his/her main essay.
    • The student will continue working on this essay (and others) with the UCEazy counselor after completion of the program.

Enrollment Information

This program is bundled with our Platinum program for juniors and our comprehensive program for 8-10 graders. It's also offered as a standalone solution. Program seats are limited. So we would advise you to enroll early.
For more information or to enroll call
1 - 833 - 9UCEAZY
or email