You have just recently completed high school, but the academic journey continues and now you are asked to consider your long-term plans. Choosing a major is not a simple process and students often consider majors which do not accurately fit their aptitudes or long-term goals. Changing a major during college can also be a bit frustrating, but UCEazy makes the process as straightforward and stress free as possible.

At this point in life it is extremely important to choose a major that aligns with one’s long-term career goals. Some college students discover that they may have chosen a college that does not fit their needs and others have decided that a community college is the right fit for them. For those who may temporarily be at their current college, it is equally important that they create a balanced college list, which requires that they fully understand the coursework needed to get to the next step in the journey.
Parents of college students can invest in small packages to prepare for the next steps in the students’ lives. The UCEazy College and Career Program was developed for college students and recent graduates to maximize the chances of finding gainful employment and discovering their dream careers, all while taking important courses that will lead them to achieve their long-term goals.

College Curriculum Highlights:

Transfer Admissions Program: Transferring from Community College to a four year College is a complex process. If a student is transferring from a four-year college, then the process is even more complex. Transferring to a UC or other competitive universities requires very particular major preparation paths that students need to understand prior to enrolling in classes.
Career Exploration: Going to a college career center is not always enjoyable or convenient. It can be quite intimidating if students do not know what they want to do the rest of their lives. This service may lead to job searches and networking to obtain internship or temporary employment. Students will need to create resumes and cover letters or practice interviews to successfully meet their goals during or after college.