This Pathway helps parents navigate all aspects of the journey through a public high school. Many parents, especially ones educated outside the U.S., feel stressed because the school is unable to provide them and their child personalized guidance with key decisions like coursework selection and activity planning. These parents would benefit from the College Prep Pathway because it offers on-demand access to an experienced counselor.

This guidance runs through June 30, 2022. Due to capacity constraints, this pathway is currently available to 8th and 9th graders only.

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Access to one-on-one guidance from a highly qualified UCEazy counselor

  • Extracurricular Strategy
  • Summer Planning
  • Course Selection
  • Career/Majors Exploration
  • SAT/ACT Strategy

Group Classes

  • Discuss the essentials for high school success & college preparedness

Access to UCEazy’s Software

  • Our proprietary software mirrors college applications in order to support students in building their resume, activities and awards beginning in 8th grade.

End of the Year Assessment

  • A third-party college admissions expert evaluates the student’s progress towards their college admissions goals on an annual basis

To enroll in the Pathway, please click the appropriate grade for the student:

Frequently Asked Questions (Click to Expand)

  1. Why should I enroll in the UCEazy College Prep Pathway?
    Our high-quality experts support the entire family on key decisions that ensure success during the high school journey and develop a competitive profile for college admissions. This pathway is especially helpful for families where the parents were educated outside the U.S.
  2. What support is included in this pathway?
    1. One-on-one meetings with the student and/or the family
    2. Group classes for both students and parents on topics related to the student’s development and preparing for college admissions
    3. Access to UCEazy’s software for building a college resume
  3. What topics will my UCEazy counselor cover in the one-on-one meetings? 
    Our one-on-one meetings cover the most essential topics such as extracurricular strategy, course selection, career and college major exploration, and summer planning. We also provide an end-of-the-year assessment to track college preparedness. For 10th graders, testing strategy is also covered.
  4. How does UCEazy support students who may struggle in written communication? 
    Our one-on-one writing program helps students develop the skills to write high-impact college essays. This optional program is offered to students in 9th and 10th grades and runs through the end of 11th grade.
  5. Can you provide some insights into the profiles of the counselors on your team? How does UCEazy make sure that my child will connect well with their counselor? 
    Our counselors are hired after extensive due diligence and a rigorous interview process to ensure they are kind and empathetic, as well as have the experience to support students and families just like yours. We are confident your child will connect with their counselor. If the counselor isn’t right for your student, we will find a better fit. It is also important to note that every UCEazy counselor has at least a Master’s degree. You can review our counselor profiles here.
  6. Does UCEazy offer a program that provides more frequent contact with a counselor?
    Absolutely! The College Prep Pathway is just the beginning. There are two additional programs that might be a good fit for your student:

    • The College Bound Pathway – This multi-year program begins as early as 8th grade and includes guidance on developing a more competitive profile, as well as comprehensive college application support in the 12th grade.
    • Career Pathway – This multi-year, invitation-only program is for students who demonstrate extraordinary skills and the necessary motivation to compete for a top-tier university and major. It begins as early as the 8th grade and includes comprehensive college application support in the 12th grade.
  7. Can I upgrade from the College Prep to the College Bound Program?
    Yes, at any point in the process, we can work with your family to determine if a change makes sense for your student.