College Scandal

As you may have read in the news, there are reportedly unscrupulous college admissions counselors who have fraudulently been placing students into their dream colleges. This scandal not only destroyed reputations, colleges rescinded student admissions for those involved in this unethical and perhaps illegal behavior.
On behalf of the entire UCEazy team, I want to let you know how much this saddens us.
We understand the highly competitive nature of college admissions, especially to top tier colleges. However, we believe there are ethical ways to get accepted into these colleges. And, we’re here to help you apply the right way.
At UCEazy, we work diligently and honorably with families and students to ensure they “earn” their way into the college of their dreams. Our firm’s values and commitment to quality, honesty and integrity are something you can count on when you work with us.
UCEazy strives to build well-rounded students. Our innovative approach to college admissions is through building multi-dimensional students in grades 8-10 and guiding students through college admissions process in grades 11-12.
If you’re seeking to gain admission into the college of your dreams, please let us know how we can help you.