11th Grade Journey

Junior year is the student’s last opportunity to become more competitive for the college application process, so it’s important to be efficient with your time.

Until May Senior Year

The college admissions journey for 11th graders focuses on capitalizing on the Junior year as a final opportunity to develop the student’s competitive credentials prior to packaging the student for admission to targeted colleges.

During the Junior year, students need to utilize their time wisely by making important decisions such as balancing time between academics and extracurricular activities, strategy for standardized testing, planning for summer, and prioritizing which extracurricular activities to focus on. Our counselors provide objective guidance to gain an edge versus other students.

This is also the final opportunity to develop skills for writing college application essays.

The UCEazy Academy provides individualized support online for students and families through a team of highly qualified counselors and experts. Parents of 11th grade students can invest in a comprehensive two-year package or a block of hours for one-on-one guidance.

The UCEazy College Admissions Program (11-12 grades) curriculum was developed to maximize the students’ chances of getting into their dream colleges.

11th Grade Curriculum Highlights

Extracurricular Strategy, Coursework Selection for Senior Year, Strategy for Standardized Tests, Summer Planning, Selection of Major, Creation of College List, Campus Visits Strategy, Development of Essay Writing Skills, Strategy for Recommendation Letters, Development of Resume.