12th Grade Journey


The focus transitions toward the actual application process all the way to college decision day. Time is spent developing a balanced college list.

You have done the hard work of developing your competitive credentials. The senior year is the time to make your best pitch to your targeted colleges.

It’s extremely important to create a balanced college list and to understand that colleges consider a variety of factors while evaluating applicants. In general, colleges ranked among the top 30 have the most complex application process.

The UCEazy Academy provides individualized support online for students and families through a team of highly qualified counselors. Our counselors average 15 years or more experience and have Master’s degrees at the minimum. Several of them are current or former admissions officers/advisors at top ranked colleges such as Caltech, University of California and University of Chicago. We offer a counselor replacement guarantee.

Parents of 12th grade students can invest in comprehensive packages or a block of hours for one-on-one guidance.

The UCEazy College Admissions Program curriculum was developed for 11th & 12th graders to maximize the chances of getting into their dream colleges.

12th Grade Curriculum Highlights

Development of Resume, Selection of Major, Creation of College List, Campus Visits Strategy, Essays Brainstorming and Review, Planning for the Application Process, Application Review, Interview Coaching, Strategy for Financial Aid, Waitlist Strategy, Final College Selection.

We would be honored to support you during this journey.

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