8th Grade Journey


Eighth grade is when students must build a solid and holistic foundation to achieve their greatest success for college admissions.

Until May Senior Year

Students must build a solid and holistic foundation for success in high school and college admissions. Eighth grade is the starting point to achieve greatest success.

The UCEazy Academy guides students from 8th grade through the college applications process as a high school senior. We develop holistic students that top universities seek as they move away from formulaic admissions solely based on GPA and ACT/SAT Test Scores.

Universities now seek students who show passion, commitment and resilience in their extracurricular activities. They are targeting students who think independently and are not afraid to take risks. Our College Bound Pathway (8-10 grades) curriculum was developed for the early development of students to meet their long-term success.

The UCEazy Academy provides individualized support online for students and families through a team of highly qualified counselors and experts.

8th Grade Curriculum Highlights

Extracurricular Strategy, Coursework Selection, Career and Interest Assessment, Summer Planning and Preview of High School. Our proprietary curriculum strategically moves students through meaningful progression to add depth and readiness for college applications.

We would be honored to support you during this journey.

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