Assessment of College Essay Writing Skills

Through the highly competitive college admissions process, essays are the only opportunity to tell your UNIQUE story. A well-written and compelling essay provides an applicant the opportunity to make a strong impression on college admissions staff and the ability to stand out from others.

Most students assume they can write a compelling college essay, only to find out during their senior year that they are lacking the necessary skills. Do not let this happen to you. Make sure during your Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years that you are able to write a captivating essay that will help secure admission into the college of your dreams.

How does the assessment work?

Students receive an actual college essay prompt, write a short practice essay and submit it to a UCEazy essay specialist. The expert evaluates the essay and provides a structured feedback in writing.

Fee $100

To take advantage of this offer:

1. Submit payment here

2. Send an email to to confirm payment & provide your name, phone number & student’s grade level.

3. Email if you have any questions.