Realistic Assessment of Gaining Admission to Top-Ranked Colleges



Problem: There are almost 3,000 four-year colleges in the U.S., and most have different criteria for evaluating applicants. The cost of attending colleges for four years can dramatically vary from $80,000 to $300,000. Without knowing what types of colleges you have a realistic chance of getting into, how do you answer the following questions?

1. How do you create a plan for becoming a competitive applicant?

– Competing for an Ivy League is quite different than competing for in-state public colleges.

2. How do you create a savings plan for college?

3 .When is the right time to start planning for college admissions?

– Preparing for Ivy League admissions starts in 8th grade, whereas in-state public college planning may not be necessary until 12th grade.

Solution: UCEazy offers an assessment to help students understand their realistic chances of getting into top-ranked colleges.

Key Details of the UCEazy Offer:

1. What tangible takeaways will be provided at the end of the assessment?

Students will receive a Report Card containing examples of colleges where they may gain admission, strengths, possible areas of improvement & more.

2. How will the assessment work?

– The engagement is expected to last 1-3 weeks, depending how quickly the student can provide the required information & complete the pre-assessment tasks assigned by the counselor.

– There will be an hour-long video conference where the counselor will ask the students questions, provide feedback & share a Report Card.

3. How will conduct the assessment?

Raymond Prado who is a highly experienced college admissions counselor with a specialization in top-ranked colleges. He is a former admissions officer from CalTech and UCLA.

Fee: $399

There is a limited capacity for this assessment.

Orders will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Next Steps:

1. Submit payment here: bit.ly/395ZrfB

2. Send an email to info@uceazy.com to confirm payment & provide your name, phone number & student’s grade level.

3. Email info@uceazy.com if you have any questions.

We would be honored to support you during this journey.

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