Succeeding in a Virtual Classroom



Problem: Often times, students are very talented academically, as demonstrated by their standardized test scores, but their Grade Point Averages do not accurately capture their potential. Low exam grades often lead to uncertainty, lack of confidence & low self-esteem.

Solution: Develop study skills to excel at the highest levels. Learn how to organize your time to balance the demands of high school academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities & social life.

Key Details of the UCEazy Offer:

1. What tangible takeaways will be provided at the end of the course? Students will create an individualized, written step-by-step plan that can be used for different situations. Students will develop organizational skills, study skills & time management. They will understand how to prioritize & plan for deadlines.

2. How will the course work? The course is expected to last three weeks. There will be three one hour video meetings that will have specific agendas, handouts provided & homework assigned.

3. About the teacher: Dr. Tina Singh is an experienced AP Chemistry teacher who has prepared for medical school & conducted biochemistry research. She has helped many students pass the AP chemistry exam & guided students to prepare for college admissions.

Fee: $599

There is a limited capacity for this course. Orders will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Next Steps:

1. Submit payment here:

2. Send an email to to confirm payment & provide your name, phone number & student’s grade level.

3. Email if you have any questions.