Creative Writing Summer Program

Be sure to enroll in the Creative Writing Summer Program starting June 11th. Seats are limited.

Why Creative Writing is Important

UCEazy has worked with hundreds of students to help them write distinctive and creative personal essays during the college application process.

We help students, grades 8-11, articulate their personal voice and unique story through UCEazy’s Creative Writing program and coaching.

Our team of experts help students improve their writing skills for college application essays. The program offers additional benefits such as improving SAT/ACT scores, enhancing communication skills and developing leadership skills, as well as improving writing performance for college level courses such as AP English.

Creative Writing is much more than high school English.

This type of writing engages the reader and makes an impression. Students learn to add a more personal touch, details and imagery to enhance their writing. Our creative writing program gives students the confidence they need to express their unique personalities in their writing.

We recommend students take this course as early as possible so that it can have an even greater impact during their high school career. Typically, students in grades 8-10 practice their creative writing skills once a month and students in the second semester of the 11th grade will practice twice a month. The instructor provides each student his/her own tailored lesson plan. We also offer advanced lesson plans for those students that need additional assistance.

Offered as a stand-alone option, we encourage families to use this course as a supplement to UCEazy’s overall college-planning program.

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