Darcy Robins


  • Worked with over 600 students navigating the college admissions process
  • Helped students with successful applications to Ivy League, NESCAC, University of California schools and more
  • Expertise in essay brainstorming and editing, college list building, and scholarship search
  • Broad knowledge of competitive academic summer programs and experience helping students find internships and develop unique extracurricular activities
  • High school Career & College Center Specialist
  • Previously Creative Director and Head Copywriter at advertising agency in the Silicon Valley
  • Volunteer College Counselor for highly academic, low income students with ScholarMatch, a CollegePoint partner
  • Knowledge of program level details about popular colleges, and friendly with admissions representatives
  • Experience with national scholarship programs including National Merit Scholars, and able to advise families on successful scholarship search methods
  • Knowledge of college recruiting process for DI-DIII, art portfolio submission, and audition process for theater and music students



About Darcy

Darcy is adept at suggesting colleges that are a good academic and social fit for students, and financial fit for families. In her role running a high school Career & College Center, She’s counseled hundreds of students on the college admission process. She also works with students independently and through volunteer positions. Her students have attended Barnard, Berkeley, Bowdoin, Brown, Columbia, Davis, Middlebury, Harvard, Stanford UCLA and more. Darcy’s previous experience as a copywriter and creative director at a Bay Area advertising agency serve her well in brainstorming and editing student essays. She strives to help students prepare a polished application that tells their whole story. Through the use of activities and short interviews, Darcy focuses students and brings out their stories. This puts students at ease and de-stresses the application process. Using the vast resources online, Darcy coaches students on ways to explore college options, learn about potential careers, and streamline the application process. She works with younger students on high school course selection and finding unique activities where students can learn about themselves and develop their skills and passions in and out of high school.


  • BA in Advertising – San Jose State University


  • College Counseling Certificate – University of California, Los Angeles
    Training: CollegePoint 2017 and 2018 Convenings; College Essay Guy Counselors’ Workshop, College Solution Counselor Training, The Scholarship Solution Workshop

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • National Association for College Admission Counseling
  • Western Association for College Admission Counseling

Counseling Style

I see the college application process as a rite of passage from high school to college, and a time for students to reflect on who they are and who they want to become. My favorite part of the process is getting to know the student and helping them brainstorm and edit their college essays. Interviewing both the student and parents helps uncover a student’s strengths and provide insights for essay topics. I love working with students over several years and watching them grow, mature and gain direction. I can help by suggesting courses for them to consider in school or online, as well as coaching them on activities that will help them practice leadership or stretch themselves a little bit out of their comfort zones. I can also suggest summer programs that colleges recognize as truly academic. I’m friendly, funny, firm and patient, and I truly enjoy spending time with teenagers.


“As a rural public high school student, I had no idea what college options were out there, or where to begin in the college application process. With Darcy's personalized guidance from the beginnings of my college search process all the way through essay writing, I was able to successfully navigate an arena that was new to me. Darcy provided me with ample resources and was always ready to answer my questions.”

-Trula, Harvard University 2021

“Darcy Robins was instrumental in finding an academic summer program that was an excellent match for my daughter. After finding the right program she helped guide her through the application process which helped her get accepted Early Decision!”

- J.M. (Parent)

“Darcy Robins helped me edit my essays to make them much stronger. I was lucky to have her helping me because I wasn’t sure where to start or how to present myself in my applications. I was really happy with my final apps, and even happier when I got my acceptances!”

-Vincent, UC Berkeley 2020

"Darcy Robins suggested I should apply to a summer program for minority students to learn about becoming a lawyer. She worked with me on my application essays and I got accepted! I feel a lot more prepared to apply to college because of my experience applying to a summer program."

- Allyssa, 2019 Grad

"Darcy Robins has been an indispensable resource. I would not be where I am today without her countless tips and constant support. Darcy is a mentor in every aspect of the word. She reassured me of my own abilities and truly helped me to express myself in my college application essays."

-Desert, University of California at Santa Barbara 2021

"Darcy Robins has been invaluable in assisting my sophomore daughter in choosing her high school courses, learning about summer programs relevant to her needs, and counseling her on best choices to achieve her goals. Darcy is approachable, knowledgeable, and motivating to young students. Her understanding of different summer programs, scholarships, financial aid, and colleges and universities is expansive, but even more importantly, she really understands how to help students navigate these systems. She encourages students to explore their interests and dreams, then helps them to realistically start on the path to achieving their goals."

- J.B. (Parent)

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