Dr. Nicole Korgie Jackson


  • Over 25 years experience in college admissions and counseling
  • Current External Reader for UC Berkeley Admissions
  • Former Admissions Officer for UC San Diego
  • Former Instructor for College Counseling Certificate Program at UC Riverside, UC San Diego, and UC Los Angeles
  • Former Instructor for College Counseling Program at USC
  • Former Director of college access program in Southern California
  • Specialities: 1. Getting into top Engineering programs 2. Guiding students to selective summer and enrichment programs that help make the student a more competitive applicant
  • Number of Colleges Attended: 4
  • Number of College Worked For: 8
  • Number of Colleges Visited: 150+


About Nicole

Born and raised in San Diego. I enjoy the sunshine and the city. I have lived in multiple areas of Southern California and currently reside in Long Beach with several small roommates ( three fish, two turtles, two hamsters, one cat and one dog). I have been a college counselor since I was a college student myself. I began my career as a Peer Advisor, have worked for 2 UC Admission Offices, served as the Director of a College Access Program, taught undergraduate and graduate level college courses, and will soon be a published author. College Preparation is MY LIFE. Since I was 18 years old, I've either been a college student or worked on a college campus. I am very active with professional development, attending conferencing annually, and I consider visiting college campuses a must do on any travels I partake. Along with my extensive student counseling background, I have also lived the experience as a parent. My daughter recently graduated from Arizona State University, and I’m proud to say she made the Deans List eight semesters in a row and graduated with highest honors.


  • AS Business Administration, San Diego Mesa College
  • BA Art History, San Diego State University
  • MA Educational Counseling w/PPS Credential, Point Loma Nazarene College
  • EdD Higher Education Administration, University of Southern California

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC)
  • National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)


Graduation Begins Today.
Fight On!
Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow.
Redefine the Possible.
University tag lines convey hope and inspiration to aspiring young students, but students also need expertly trained adults to guide them in achieving their academic and career goals.Since I was a student myself at San Diego State University I have been helping students achieve their academic and career goals. My approach to college counseling is to provide students with realistic inspiration. What ever the goal may be, I will help you find a way to get there whether is be a direct route or a path with some detours.


We learned about UCEazy through our friend and signed up with them for an initial consultation. Our kid is applying for college admission this year. UCEazy assigned the Counsellor Dr. Nicole Jackson to us. Dr. Nicole Jackson is very knowledgeable. She listened to our requirements and suggested various options. She was very helpful; she answered all our questions. Dr. Jackson has more than 25 years of experience in this field as a counsellor. We are very satisfied with the initial consultation and so we decided to use their service for our kid college application process. We are very satisfied with our one hour consultation and we are hoping for the same for the rest of this college application process. I am already recommending UCEazy to my friends.

––Latha S.

We used the services of UCEazy to go through the college admission process of one of our child. For someone, who started very late in the process and knew little about it,UCEazy was god send. It was a very good experience working with both Vinnie and Vaitheesh. They are always available to help and very responsive. Above all, they are nice human beings, their philanthropy effort with this being a testament to it.We also had a very good experience working with Nicole Jackson. Essentially, we just didn't take a back seat, but completely backed off and let the counselor-student relationship work through it's process and reach it's culmination..

–Sundaram S.

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