Develop the necessary skills needed to write a compelling essay to gain entry into the college of your dreams.

College essays are an integral part of the application process for students to secure acceptance into top-ranked colleges. Since most high schools do not teach how to write college application essays, most students lack the necessary skills for the unique writing style.

Some colleges have removed SAT/ACT requirements, which has increased the importance of essays and affected admissions at colleges throughout the U.S.

At UCEazy, we believe that students should develop these skills before they start applying to college during their senior year.

This unique program works throughout the high school journey seamlessly with the following:

  • 9th & 10th grade: sessions with an UCEazy Essay Expert twice a month during the school year
  • 11th grade: sessions with an UCEazy Essay Expert plus a rigorous summer boot camp

Scope of the program:

  • Starts as early as 9th grade
  • Concludes at the end of 11th grade
  • One-on-one, personalized coaching over Zoom video conferencing
  • Homework review between sessions

Student Testimonials

The feedback I get for my assignments is really helpful. There are a lot of different critiques regarding a lot of different areas I can improve, giving me insight into the grammatical side of it, the structural point of view and the creative spin to it as well.

– Nihari K.

She helped me come up with an effective topic for my essay, cut down unnecessary words and helped me with my grammar.

– Kalyan S.

My counselor has been very helpful in editing and rephrasing my common app, I am very satisfied with the results. She has taken time to understand my view and knows how to incorporate them in the essay. I think my essays sound much more strong now.

– Maithreyi

The counselors at UCEazy helped me work on my writing skills to compose detailed personal statement drafts. It has given me confidence that I’ll be able to write college essays when the time comes.

– Kushal Kodnad

Frequently Asked Questions (Click to Expand)

My child’s writing is pretty good. How would this class help him/her?
English class writing assignments are completely different from a college admissions essay. Essays are very personal in nature and need to be persuasive since the goal is to share your story and differentiate yourself from thousands of other applicants. UCEazy’s writing program helps students improve their writing skills specifically for college application essays, gain confidence in telling their story, and fully prepares them for writing multiple college essays.

Meeting twice per month seems like too much, and I am not sure my student is ready to commit.
Writing is a life skill that takes time to develop. It’s similar to learning a musical instrument. The student needs time to learn new skills and to perfect them over time through a lot of practice writing.

How much time should my student expect to spend on writing homework in between sessions?
Coaches typically assign 1-2 short writing assignments between meetings. It depends on the student’s writing ability to determine how much time they will need to spend on each assignment.

Why do you recommend that we start this program as early as 9th grade? That sounds kind of early given that the student will not write the actual college essays until the Senior year?
Writing is a process in which students need time to develop and improve. The saying “practice makes perfect” definitely applies to writing. By starting earlier in high school, students have time to improve their writing skills and gain confidence in writing about themselves, while balancing their school work.

Our curriculum is integrated into the counseling program. Students are brainstorming with their counselor about what summer activities they want to pursue, and the writing coach is working on evaluation and passions. By starting in 9th grade, the progression and depth that the students build significantly improve academics and meaningful involvement in all areas.

Can I choose which essays to practice?
Absolutely, it’s encouraged! Our lessons are tailored to the individual student. Coaches work with students to discuss their goals for this program. For example, if a student needs more practice writing descriptive essays, our focus is on improving that skill.