College Application Essay Services

College essays (personal statements) are a key piece of the application process for most top-ranked colleges including the Ivy Leagues. Unfortunately, most students are unable to put their best foot forward in this critical area.
Writing a college essay is not the same as writing an academic essay. Most high schools do not teach students how to write college application essays. Many students who receive good grades in English classes make a false assumption that they have the skills to write these essays.
Because of the above reality, most students will benefit from guidance provided by our essay experts (counselors).

UCEazy offers the following services for help with college essays:

1. Students in 8th- 11th grades

Essay Writing Program

The goal of this program is to improve skills needed for writing high impact college essays.
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2. Juniors

Essay Boot Camp

This program is designed for students in their junior year who aspire to attend top ranked colleges. The goal is to provide these students a jump start on forming their college application essays. We teach them how to write a compelling college application essay with guidance and plenty of hands-on practice. By the time they finish with the program, they will have created a solid draft of one of their main essays.

3. Seniors

Our essay services for Seniors include brainstorming, topic/prompt selection and review.

We can help with essays for all colleges in the US. This includes the Common App Essay, Supplemental Essays and Personal Insight Essays for UCs (University of California).

The best way to engage our expert (counselor) is to invest in a blocks of hours. In these blocks of hours, our experts can meet over video conference and also provide offline editing help.
5 hours: $875
10 hours: $1,690 (recommended for students who plan to apply to top ranked private colleges)

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We used a few sessions with UCEazy’s counselor to help our child review and fine-tune college application essays. She helped my child stay focused in answering the open ended prompts and reduce essay length without losing the essence and tone. The video sessions worked well and scheduling was flexible. I found their rates quite reasonable compared to other local college counseling services in my neighborhood." --Dileep Panjwani, Parent

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