Frequently Asked Questions about College Essay Writing

Q: Why would a student take an essay writing class?

A: An essay writing program can boost students’ confidence in their writing and allow them to express themselves in an unique and clever manner. Colleges want to see how well students can convey messages and share their unique personalities and stories.

Q: What is the goal of this program?

A: The primary goal of the program is to help students develop writing skills that best capture their stories in college application essays. Additional goals of the program are as follows:

  • Improve SAT/ACT scores
  • Improve overall communication skills: Increase students’ confidence in expressing themselves verbally and in writing, as well as become well-equipped in other areas, such as preparing speeches
  • Improve performance in college-level writing courses at high school, for example AP courses. An essay writing course can boost students’ confidence and skills in order to prepare for college-level writing assignments

Q: What type of a student would benefit from an essay writing program?

A: Students, who may lack confidence in their writing or who are used to the formulaic writing involved in research papers, can develop their unique voice and become better prepared to share their stories more accurately and with vivid description. Students, who have struggled writing essays in their English classes, could benefit from a program like this. Additionally, students with solid writing skills and confidence will also learn how to formulate an unique story, which will impress college admissions officers. Developing this unique lens will also carry over to more success in AP exams and college-level writing courses taken beyond high school.

Q: How is the essay writing program different from taking an English course?

A: Essay writing is a skill that can help students develop their own, unique voice in their writing. It can help students add a layer of descriptive detail to their academic essays and college personal responses.

Q: How often will the student practice essay writing skills within the program?

A: 8th, 9th and 10th grades: 9 sessions in the academic year.
11th grade: 3 sessions in the first semester of junior year.

Q: Once the initial program is completed, is there an advanced program that can be chosen?

A: Yes. The essay writing program meets students at their individual level of writing. The teacher will individualize the lessons and provide additional lessons for advanced students to continue practicing the essay writing skills.

Q: How will the essay writing program and the college counseling intersect and work towards a common goal?

A: During the early grade levels, students will work with the essay writing teacher to develop a strong foundation in expressing themselves with vivid detail and improved vocabulary. A general essay writing foundation will be established in the first 5-10 hours of the program, but the underlying goal is to create a unique, more complex set of skills that will ultimately lead to a successful college essay. After these skills are strengthened in the years prior to 11th grade, the students will work with their instructors to understand how to write college application essays that convey their own unique stories. Although college essay writing will not be the primary focus during the earlier years of high school, teachers will help their students progress towards a more advanced and creative use of sentences to tell a story suitable for a college essay.

Q: Can families buy individual hours?

A: No. Essay writing is a curriculum, which we offer as a package.

Q: When is a good time to start an essay writing program?

A: Essay writing is a life skill. It can help students in high school, college and life beyond college. Starting as early as possible is recommended, as this type of writing can help students improve their writing as well as the grades they receive in English courses. Our program is offered to students from grades 8-11.

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