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Natalie Rodriguez-Garcia

Mrs. Garcia is an awesome counselor! She was definitely one of the main people that I turned to for guidance and support. Her help was always sincere and her approach was encouraging. They say that high school is an experience that one never forgets because of the friends you make and the experiences you live, but in all honesty, high school is an experience that I will never forget mainly because of the teachers and the staff. The positive impact that Mrs. Garcia had on me was to never give up and to always speak up. Mrs. Garcia is one of the few people from high school that I still keep in contact with, her input and guidance is still appreciated, even eight years after graduation.

-Leslie Llanos

Kelley Strong

Thank you for taking the time to help me fill out college applications. You have been such a supportive and wonderful counselor, and I can’t thank you enough.


Katy Watts

Ms. Watts is one of the most patient and nicest college counselors I’ve ever met. Her office was literally my second home back then. I was so glad that she was always there to listen to my concerns and complaints. While my parents were off having high expectations of me on the other side of the globe, she was here slowly guiding me and most importantly encouraging me throughout.

-Student: Deni Hui (international student from Hong Kong)

Kellee Carter

Kellee is very student centered and is always there to support the students with any admission barriers they may encounter.

-Katherine – Parent

Sharon Cravanas

Sharon Cravanas is a perfect blend of counselor, advisor, and mentor. Her engagement around the college process is thorough and comprehensive. It results in expanding the horizons of the young people with whom she works, while also coaching the parents on the sometimes difficult transition from manager to mentor.

-Michele Davenport

Leena Yee

Ms. Yee was my daughter’s counselor in middle school and she is now my son’s counselor at the high school. She has always been attentive to responding to our needs with class scheduling and information regarding grades and transcript questions.

– Monique (parent of current student)

Rachel Mack

SMrs. Mack is always receptive and willing to provide information or assistance to the best of her ability. A prompt, organized, and diligent counselor, she has a wealth of experience in her occupation and a heart of gold. You would be blessed to have a counselor like Mrs. Mack!

(M. — Full scholarship to Yale)

Sherryl Godfrey

My twins feel comfortable with reaching out to Ms. Godfrey for help due to the accessibility, attention and care she provides her students. Every time I have walked through the office I have seen children waiting outside counselor offices for help and advice.


José N. Ireta

Mr. Ireta was always willing to entertain my crazy ideas and thought outside of the box to make things work for me. Because of him, I had the opportunity to do all that I wanted to do in high school. His willingness to go above and beyond really means the world to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor. My academic advisor at USC has big shoes to fill!

– Adrianna R. NPHS Class of 2016, USC Class of 2020

Diane Wilcox

Diane has been a tremendous benefit to our family for the college application process. Diane is someone my son respects. She has a way of gently telling him when something is not right or needs additional work. He will listen to her without fighting or arguing as he tends to do with us.


Stephanie Sachs

I couldn’t have applied for Quest Bridge, the CSS Profile, Financial aid, the Common App along the many other college applications without the help of Mrs. Sachs. I could come into her office all stressed out and I would leave with a sense of accomplishment. She just knew how to put me at ease.

-Senior 2016

David Campos

I had no knowledge of the college app process. David educated me and my son Nathan about critical aspects regarding UC application, such as topics to focus in personal statement etc.

– Dipti

Marissa Margosian

Marissa Margosian is wonderful to work with! She is patient and thorough during what can be a very overwhelming process for students and parents. Having an extensive background in College Counseling and preparation, Marissa is extremely knowledgeable and informative. You will not be disappointed with her services.

-Michelle, parent of a rising junior (HS ‘18)

Richard Napora

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Napora as my counselor during the majority of my time at Newbury Park High School. Not only is he kind and courteous, but he is also extremely intelligent. I don’t think I ever had a question that he could not answer.

–Joelle S.

Spencer Barr

From helping me figure out what I really wanted in a school, to what I was interested in, to which schools to apply to and even reading my essays and helping me fill out every application

– Savannah.

Dr. Monica Randall

How many great things can I say about Dr. Randall before someone thinks that I’ve been paid to say them?!?! I worked with Dr. Randall for four years as her Executive Assistant, at a university in Baltimore. She was always fully aware and way out in front of any impending issues that could affect our ability to serve our students.

–Sequinta W.

Dr. Nicole Jackson

We are really fortunate to have an expert from UCEazy as our advisor! Booking online for expert’s time was super easy, and UCEazy kept it unbelievably affordable! Our son was reviewing his admission across four different universities, and UCEazy expert spent time exploring my son’s interests (both inside class and out) and career plans.


Shari Schussel

Shari is one of the top high School & college entrance counselors that we’ve had the privilege of working since my daughter started at Monta Vista High School.


Porsha Boyd Ed.D

Counseling services received by Ms. Boyd in relation to academics, financial aid, and the college going process showed how prepared and well informed she is on the subjects.

~Lemus A.

Pamela Ohriner

“You are the most amazing person ever! He’s in! Only someone as fab as you could get someone into USC even after missing the cut off to apply.You are the absolute best!!! Thank you so much!!”