Jibri Hodge


  • Jibri is a 13 year counseling veteran at a comprehensive high school
  • Advises students and families on post-secondary options
  • Sent numerous students to universities all over the country
  • Experience with all types of college applications. (Common App, Send Edu, Private Apps, Service Academies etc...)
  • Master’s degree in Education Counseling with PPS Certification
  • Former D1 Athlete that knows what it takes to balance school and a sport in High School and as a Collegiate
  • Well verse in NCAA and NAIA clearinghouse requirements and can assist in that arena as well
  • Big supporter of Career Technical Education (CTE)
  • Great careers are attainable with certificates and take far less time to achieve than degrees


About Jibri

Jibri was born in Panorama City CA and grew up in Santa Clarita CA where he graduated from Saugus High School in 1993.  Following his dream to play college football he continued his education at L.A. Pierce College earing a AA degree and fulfilling his dream of playing major College football by accepting a scholarship to the University of Oregon.  After 3 years at Oregon and earning a degree in Sociology, he secured employment the Santa Clara County Children's Shelter and a Non Public while going to school full time at San Jose State University to earn his Master’s in Education Counseling with PPS Credential.  Upon earning his second degree he immediately applied and earned a job in the William S Hart Union High School the same district he graduated high school from 12 years earlier. Currently, Jibri is guiding students in his 13 year as a counselor and still maintains the fire football brings out of him as he is in his 11 year coaching.   Jibri also is family man, happily married with 5 beautiful children.  


  • L.A Pierce College AA General Education
  • University of Oregon BS Sociology
  • San Jose State University MA Education Counseling


  • Pupil Personnel Services

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • American School Counselor Association
  • National Association of College Admission Counseling

Counseling Style

My counseling philosophy is very similar to my coaching philosophy, I will tell you the truth.  I will work my tail off to give you the information needed to make an educated decision on where to continue your post-secondary education.  There are numerous factors to consider when deciding where to apply, hopefully get accepted to and ultimately making a decision on where to attend.  My goal for everyone is that they understand every step of this process and feel comfortable in their final choice. Just as I tell my football players, “no regrets”.
Secondly, I’m very big on students knowing the cost of their education vs the actual earning potential of employment after earning degrees.  I will ask my student what they plan to do with their degree. Have they research the earning potential of the occupations available with that degree?  Is a masters or doctoral degree needed to earn the money to offset potential financial debt of a loan to pay for you education? How long do you see yourself in school post high school?  These question help shape what major to choose, where to attend, and get the students thinking about what’s next.


“I know Mr. Hodge as a co-worker and friend.  I'm an Assistant Principal and Mr. Hodge is one of our six Guidance Counselors.  He is also our Head Counselor. I've know Mr. Hodge for over 25 years. He and I attended high school together.   I believe Mr. Hodge is a competent counselor based on my observations and evaluations.  I've worked with him for close to eight years and he has always stood out as a caring, competent, and compassionate individual.  I have nothing but the highest regards for him as a professional counselor and individual. Mr. Hodge has a great heart for student learning and care.  His judgement is sound and reasonable. Mr. Hodge is a strong individual in both character and work ethic.  I can rely on Mr. Hodge regarding any task he is given to accomplish. Mr. Hodge works as part of a team and his collaboration skills are superior and are model for those working with him.”

-Assistant Principal Hart District

“I had Mr. Hodge as my counselor for four years and he had a great influence on my college decision process and assisting me with my UC and Common Application.  I was very aware of how much college would cost and he gave me resources on how to pay for it. He was not shy in letting me know about the potential pitfalls of the application process and prepared me for the possible disappointment if I wasn’t accepted into my top choice.  He was adamant about choosing Reach, Match and Safety schools to ensure I had options. Mr. Hodge always has a way of encouraging even when thing seems bleak and is always positive, he helped me take the next step of my life.”

-Chance Northern Arizona University 2020 (Student)

“I am a current UCLA undergraduate thanks to help of Mr. Hodge. I walked into his office the first day of my freshman year of high school as a young girl from a low income household asking him to help me to reach my childhood dream of attending UCLA. Now here I am. He helped me choose classes that fit my interests and satisfied the subject requirements for an applicant applying to UCLA. In addition to his academic guidance, he emphasized the importance of being a well-rounded person by encouraging me to join clubs and participate in extracurricular and volunteer work. My senior year of high school I submitted my application to the college, anxiously waiting till results would be released during March the next year. Finally, results were released, and I received my acceptance to the University of my Dreams. Mr. Hodge had helped me reach my goal. However, at the time I was unsure if I should attend since a lot of my classmates felt me unfit to be a UCLA student. Not only was Mr. Hodge one of the first people to congratulate me on my accomplishment, he further encouraged me to follow my dreams whether it was still UCLA or not. Because of him and his dedication to help his students both inside and outside the classroom, I am now a UCLA undergraduate. I am thriving at this university because he taught me the skills necessary to be a disciplined student and an asset in the community.”

-Nahal UCLA 2021 (Student)