Lessons Learned from last year’s College Admissions Cycle

Lessons Learned from last year’s College Admissions Cycle

Decisions were made. College admissions offices decided which students made the cut and students have begun their college journey. Even with all of the uncertainty due to COVID-19, college admissions officers continue to find new students who stand out from their peers.

The UCEazy team identified two trends that stood out this year:

  1. The competitive nature at top private or public colleges is still increasing. It is very difficult to predict that students, even the most gifted ones, will be admitted into certain colleges.
  2. College admissions offices are increasingly not requiring SAT/ACT scores. The majority of a student’s college application is actually non-academic.

Key takeaway:

Top colleges seek well-rounded students or, as we call them at UCEazy, “Multi-Dimensional Students.” It’s imperative that students get involved in multi-year activities so college admissions personnel have more to look at than just GPA and test scores.

To prepare for the college admissions process, students should consider:

8th, 9th and 10th Graders

  • Do not focus on deciding specific colleges or majors.
  • Students and their parents should begin laying the foundation to become a Multi-Dimensional Student.
    • UCEazy proprietary and innovative program guides families through the college admissions journey.

11-12 Grades

  • Determine if it is realistic to be admitted into a top-ranked college.
    • If not, do not spend the time and money to apply.
  • Consider schools beyond JUST the top colleges. UCEazy can help you discover thousands of great U.S. colleges that might be a better fit based on personality and career goals.
  • Continue to become more competitive for dream colleges throughout the summer and fall.
    • Showcasing leadership skills, improving your GPA and learning essay writing skills will make students stand out.
UCEazy experts and staff know first-hand the competitive nature of the college admissions process. We also understand that all students are unique with different strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to help students put their best foot forward while reducing their families’ stress.
Please consider having UCEazy assist your family through its programs:

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