Lessons Learned from the Fall 2019 College Admissions Cycle

The colleges made their decisions. Most students finalized their college choice by May 1st.

After our team at UCEazy analyzed the data, two clear trends emerged:
  1. Top colleges, either private or public, continue to become even more insanely competitive. Even for the most gifted students, it’s almost impossible to predict their chances of getting into these top colleges. This trend has continued over last several years.
  2. Top colleges are looking for more than just good GPA and SAT/ACT scores. There are countless instances in which top colleges denied admissions to straight A students with perfect SAT scores.
Here’s an actual email that we received from a parent: “My son has an un-weighted GPA of 4.0. He has an ACT score of 36 and SAT 1570. He has been denied at all the top ranked private colleges. He has been wait listed at UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, USC and Wake Forest.”

What’s the key takeaway? Top colleges are looking for well-rounded students. Our term for such students is “Multi-Dimensional Student.”

This means, it’s more important than ever to begin thinking about things other than your GPA and test scores to gain admission to the college of your dreams. Throughout this journey your focus changes and should include:

8-10 Grades

  • There’s no need to pick specific colleges/majors at this point.
  • Rather, you and the student should begin to lay the foundation to becoming a multi-dimensional student.
  • UCEazy has a unique and innovative program to guide you in this specific journey.

11-12 Grades

  • Assess whether you have a realistic chance of being accepted at one of the top ranked colleges. Otherwise, there is no point in wasting time and money in applying to these colleges.
  • Think beyond JUST the top colleges. There are thousands of good colleges in the U.S. that also might be a better fit.
  • Use these summer months and the Fall to become more competitive for the TYPES of colleges you are targeting. These activities include showcasing leadership skills, as well as improving your GPA and essay writing skills.
At UCEazy, we understand the difficult nature of the college admissions process. We also understand that each student is unique in terms of his/her own strengths. Our goal is to help you put YOUR best foot forward and reduce your stress.

If you need assistance during any stage of this process, please consider having UCEazy proactively help with:

To learn more about how we’ve helped hundreds of students and how our expertise could help you, please contact UCEazy for a free meeting at info@uceazy.com or 1-833-982-3299.