March Timely Tips

March Timely Tips

Spring has sprung and now is the time for students to plan and finalize how they will spend their increased free time in the summer. Make progress this month on this and other topics with some advice from UCEazy experts.

8th Graders

  • Academics:
    • When selecting courses for 9th grade, seek balance between academic difficulty and meaningful activities.
    • Prepare for next year by implementing strong study habits and prepping for 9th grade courses.
    • Most high schools post their reading list for 9th grade English class. Pick one book to read over the summer to get ahead.
  • Summer planning:
    • Find your future high school’s club list and identify 2-3 clubs you would like to join.
    • Be creative and find ways to stay involved in the things you enjoy, even if that means it has to be virtual.

9th Graders

  • Academics:
    • Evaluate your academic progress in current courses to finalize 10th grade courses.
    • Select rigorous courses, but do not overload yourself (use your current workload to guide your decisions).
    • Focus on strong study habits to end the year strong.
  • Summer planning:
    • Research subjects that are personally meaningful and find creative ways to explore and dive deeper into those areas.
    • Evaluate your current activities and determine what areas you want to build depth and leadership. Then, find creative ways to do that over the summer.
      • Example: You love STEM and enjoy giving back to the community. There are virtual tutoring STEM opportunities for students to support underserved communities.
    • Aim for a well-rounded summer including academics, exploration and activities.

10th Graders

  • Academics:
    • Be mindful of your study habits and prepare for difficult AP classes during this important year.
    • Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to choosing courses for 11th grade.
  • Summer planning:
    • Add variety to your extracurricular activities.
    • Identify areas you need to build depth to show passion and interests.
    • Evaluate areas you should explore based on your potential college major.
    • Finalize pre-college applications, internships and other summer opportunities.

11th Graders

  • Academics:
    • Talk to your counselor about a standardized testing plan in addition to test-optional and test blind college options.
    • Concentrate on your grades since this is the last semester to raise your GPA before senior year.
  • Summer planning:
    • Stay engaged with extracurricular activities that really interest you.
    • Apply to pre-college programs and other career-related opportunities that may be a current and/or future passion.
    • Plan virtual college visits and research colleges online that interest you.

12th Graders

  • Stay informed on scholarship deadlines.
  • Take advantage of free time for virtual campus visits or accepted student events.
  • Check for updates and note all the benefits of accepted colleges.
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