May 13th #askfriday

This week, one of our Twitter followers was overwhelmed with all the different choices of college counselors and college consulting companies out there. She asked us:

“I’m a sophomore right now and want to start planning my college application process to ensure I get into the college I want. Why should I choose UCEazy over other private college counselors? There are so many choices out there!”

This is such a great question and we get this all the time! So, why UCEazy?

Here are four reasons for choosing UCEazy:

  1. Peace of Mind: UCEazy is a NETWORK of college counselors. Each of these counselors has been hand-picked after going through a rigorous interview process. Our interview panel comprises the following:
  • Current and former college admissions officers
  • Current and former high school guidance counselors
  • Instructors that teach at college admissions counseling programs
  1. Mix and Match Experts: With traditional private counselors, you are committed to one counselor for all aspects of the college admissions process. With UCEazy, you have that option but in addition you can also mix and match experts based upon their areas of expertise.
  1. Affordable: Typical college admissions counselors offer an all-or-nothing bundle. We have modularized the college application process so you only pay for the modules you need consultation for. These modules can also be chosen based upon grade levels.
  1. One less drive to make: Our consultation is provided over on-line video. So you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet.

Throughout May and June, UCEazy will also be organizing free webinars and seminars hosted by our college admissions experts. So if you’re still unsure about UCEazy, attend one of our webinars/seminars and meet our counselors in person. You can even schedule free 30 minute long sessions with the counselors before you decide to pay.

Let our counselors help you with college applications, financial aid advice, college essays etc. Visit:

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